After their meeting in Wimbledon, Kyrgios once again mocked Tsitsipas in the middle of an interview

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After their meeting in Wimbledon, Kyrgios once again mocked Tsitsipas in the middle of an interview

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Kyrgios and Tsitsipas, protagonists of a still hot confrontation.

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Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas had a good relationship, but their heated third-round match at Wimbledon changed the dynamic between them. That match was filled with controversy, sanctions, complaints and discussions, which continued for several hours (and days) after the Aussie took the win.

The bond, which used to be friendship, was very tense. And the ocean does not seem very worried about making peace, because announcing who will play double the Washington ATPhe took advantage of it and hit the Greek hard.

“I am super excited to announce that Jack Sock will be my partner for the DC tournament. I am happy. I once played with Stefanos Tsitsipas there, so it can’t get much worse than that“, launched Kyrgios, 47th in the singles chart, during a talk with the press of the contest, in which the American also participated.

Sock, 58th in the world in doubles and holder of 16 titles in that specialty, did not expect such a statement from his new partner. the North American open your eyesAmazed at what he had just heard, he made a peace sign with his fingers and with a smile said, “I think this is the time for me to get out of here.”

His reaction seemed to amuse Kyrgios, who burst out laughing; while the journalist in charge of the note reported on the novelty of the brand new duo and their chances of fighting for the title in the tournament, which will be played in the US capital from 1 to 7 August. But the Australian’s strong words were recorded and reproduced on social media.

A struggle that survives

Kyrgios and Tsitsipas – who teamed up in Washington in 2019, when they lost in the first round to Colombians Juan Sebastian Cabala Y roberto fara– had no problems in the past. Also, a couple of weeks before the crossing on the grass of the All of Englandhe had played in the round of 16 in Halle, in a duel without quarrels which also went to the oceanic.

Before that match in the German tournament and even before the one they played shortly after in the British “big”, they had exchanged compliments, shared some relaxing moments during training and even posted some photos together on their networks.

“I’m really happy to play with him. While he’s been a bit controversial in the past, I think he’s playing good tennis,” Tsitsipas said ahead of the London clash. Kyrgios, meanwhile, commented: “We have earned the right to play at Center Court. We are two of the biggest stars in the sport. If we both bring our best tennis, the match will be fantastic to watch.”

Nick was right, the match was incredible to watch, even if not so much for the level of tennis, but for everything that has happened beyond the sport.

Kirgios came to ask for the disqualification of the Greek for throwing a ball into the stands that luckily didn’t hit anyone. “If I had done that …” exclaimed the Canberra player, who also asked for the change of a couple of line judges for calling errors.

Tsitsipas, in addition to the field to the public, threw several against his rival, with the intention of hitting him and took a ‘penalty point’ for his continued anger. And he complained about the claims made by Kyrgios about the referee decisions.

The Aussie laughed at his rival’s childhood annoyances and warmed the mood even further by pulling out his famous “under serve” and wryly apologizing when the ball landed in the net. And it blurred Tsitsipaswho ended up delivering the 6-7 (2-7), 6-4, 6-3 and 7-6 (9-7) win.

“It looked like a circus. You get tired of this. The constant conversations. The constant complaints. We are here to play tennis, not to have dialogue”, assured the Greek at a press conference. “IS a constant stalker. Intimidate your opponents. He was probably a bully at school too … I don’t like bullies. He has a very evil side. “

Kyrgios wanted to lighten things up first. “I have a lot of respect for Stefanos, I love him a lot. What happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch”, he assured him at the beginning, but then nothing was saved.

“I don’t know how I could have mistreated him. He was the one who threw balls at me, the one who beat a fan in the stands, the one who took balls out of the stadium. I did nothing but talk to the referee. I did nothing that disrespected him. “Oceanic said.

And he continued: “I would be angry even if I lost to someone for two weeks in a row. Maybe I should learn how to hit myself a couple of times first.. I like myself in the locker room. I have many friends, I am one of the most liked. He does not. Let’s leave it there “.

The Wimbledon match changed the dynamics of the relationship between Kyrgios and Tsitsipas.  AP Photo / Alberto Pezzali

The Wimbledon match changed the dynamics of the relationship between Kyrgios and Tsitsipas. AP Photo / Alberto Pezzali

“It’s very soft to come here and say I screwed up. We don’t have the same thin skin. I compete against the best. If it hit him today, it’s because it’s a step backwards. It’s soft,” concluded Kyrgios. .

The comings and goings of the match earned them both penalties. Tsitsipas had to pay 10,000 euro fine for abuse of the ball in the incident in which he threw a ball into the stands frustrated after a point. Kyrgios was fined 4,000 for saying obscenities that were heard on the track.

But beyond those economic punishments, the clash opened a gap between the two players. A gap that the Australian has widened even more with his controversial and unexpected statement in recent days.

Source: Clarin

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