Because the Belgrano fans generate a magical moment in the 68th minute of play on their pitch

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Because the Belgrano fans generate a magical moment in the 68th minute of play on their pitch

Minute 68: the ritual of the Belgrian fans every time they are local. Belgrano Photo for the press

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In the Alberti district I am anxious because the championship of the First National That Belgrano He has been leading for a long time, despite leaving some points on the way. The thing happens on the other side. Every game in the local has a fundamental moment, it happens in the middle of the second half, when the 68 minutes game from the beginning.

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“There they fire rockets, ideas, firecrackers, sound bombs and celebrate with flags, they have made 3,000, and they move them. They also have tents “, the Cordovan correspondent of Clarione in the province, Ramón Gomez.

Sometimes the fireworks are so big that the matches are interrupted. In an emblematic moment, a code among the Pirates that serves much more than what it commemorates. According to Gómez, that minute represents the big Bang Light blue. And in that thunderous moment, such magical energy is generated that there was even a marriage proposal.

“Why does the party break out at minute 68? Because it’s the number of year of the first Nacional that Belgrano participated in the AFA championships“, reveals Gómez. In 1968, the Pirate began to confront the elite and it is a pivotal moment in the history of the club which was already 68 years old from its birth.

Belgrano leads the ranking of the First National team, he has one game less than the Instituto escort, towards which he has a nine-point advantage. On Wednesday he left two in the tie against Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza and on Monday he will visit Ferro, the 27th-37th date of the tournament that is the prelude to the Professional Football League.

In the First or Second Division of the AFA, Celeste commemorates the team that came to play the 1968 National Championship after being undefeated champion of the Cordoba tournament and then winning the regional Group B. From there he jumped into the national team, made up of 12 directly affiliated companies that had just qualified in the Metropolitan and four representatives of the League, such as the Pirate. This year, it was the best of the interior.

On the 50th anniversary of that milestone, the club brought together the protagonists of that transcendental campaign, and the company that supplies clothing to the professional team replicated the 1968 design.

Source: Clarin

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