They arrested more than 250 bars of Los Borrachos del Tablón around Monumental: Caverna Godoy fell

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This Sunday the Security Committee and the Buenos Aires City Police arrested approximately 253 River bars belonging to the “Los Borrachos del Tablón” faction. It was after search and control for criminal records and restrictions on buses that approached around the Monumental stadium, the match scene where the Núñez club will play alongside the Argentinos Juniors for the ninth date of the Professional League Cup.

These bars were incorporated into the base of Tribuna Segura a few days ago, in a joint effort with the leadership led by Jorge Brito. The violators were arrested on the order of Prosecutor Celsa Ramirez for “disobedience, attack and resistance to authority.” Among those detained was Héctor Caverna Godoy, leader of the faction.

According to the Buenos Aires City Security Ministry, the bars were arrested “with knives, drugs and phosphoric flares when they tried to enter the Monumental Stadium.”

These bars have the right of entry and from previous investigations we know they will be performing in the stadium. Thanks to the actions of the City Police, CIJ and the prosecutor Celsa Ramírez, we arrested them and brought them to justice. We work so that families are in the courts and bars outside, ”said Marcelo D’Alessandro, CABA’s Minister of Justice and Security.

Caverna Godoy, with cap, one of the detainees.

Caverna Godoy, with cap, one of the detainees.

The aforementioned bar group was heading to the Monumental Stadium from the Carrefour supermarket in Vicente López. When they got around the field, they were “cut off” (as they say in jargon) by City police. On that occasion, uniformed officers verified that many of them did not have permission to enter to watch the game. It was there that many tried to refuse control. Then, with the consent of the Prosecutor’s Office, they were arrested for “assault and resistance to authority” and “disobedience.”

fast action

The Ministry of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires decided on Monday, April 4, to apply the right of entry to the stadiums to 319 fans of the River and barrabravas. As a precautionary measure, it was a decision to ban attendance in courts where in some cases it was the first time and in others it was an extension of restrictions.

The requisition of River bars.

The requisition of River bars.

Because of this situation, and after the serious incidents that took place at the Superclásico, where two nautical flares were thrown from the Sívori grandstand to the Centenario and there were clashes between fans and Police at one of the entrances on Udaondo Avenue , Brito, spoke, the same day and for the first time, regarding these issues on his Twitter account.

In the first place, the club president quoted a tweet from the Minister of Security and Justice of the City of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alessandro, and added his words to it. “From the day I took over the presidency of River I promised to work so that the family would continue to go to the farm. They have my promise that we will continue to work in this direction against the violent”, Brito assured.

The bars stop below General Paz.

The bars stop below General Paz.

D’Alessandro’s tweet said: “At the club we are working to prevent a recurrence of incidents inside the stadium. We cannot allow these situations to go unpunished, because as we always say: our limit is violence. “

Immediately afterwards, Brito continued his speech in other phrases in a Twitter thread where he spoke harshly against the barrabrava, with a speech similar to that of his predecessor, Rodolfo D’Onofrio.

“These people are not adding River or its partners. Together with my entire Board of Directors, we will work so they have no seats. We want to be far, far away, so now we are adding new violators to the Right of Admission ”, Said the president of the River.

In this regard, he confirmed that “these new 319 people who have been added to the right of entry will be suspended indefinitely, whether they are partners or members of Somos River, with a complete ban on access to all facilities. its under any circumstances. “

And he added: “This 319 is in addition to the 284 we have already put in the right of admission in 2018. We say it again, we don’t want them in our club, we don’t like them and we will do everything in our power as sports leaders so that they no longer set foot on the Monumental ”.

Confiscated items.

Confiscated items.

And he continued: “And if anyone else shows up, they too will be expelled from the Monumental and the club. We want families to be able to relax and be able to cheer on their team on the pitch. That is our goal in the long run. Our partners and associates know this. Even our fans. “

Finally, Brito gave a message about the line where they will try to act respectfully inside the stands: “Many times they ask us why we are the only club with no drums and no flags adorning the famous. The answer is simple: if the drum is played by a violent one, we will proceed without a drum, if the flag is carried by a violent one, we will proceed without a flag. We understand and share the legend of football, but not at any cost. We want to be clear and we all have to agree, now we are doing it with the Buenos Aires City Police ”.

And he closed: “Leaders, security agencies, other actors and fans, we ask for everyone’s support. It is very important that we do the work of eradicating them, it is not easy. We will not neglect this work. We will work together. there is no fatigue on our Board of Directors so that violent people no longer exist in the River and the family continues to come to the club.People choose the healthy, to leave the violence in the field.We are ready to leave them, but it will be a success if we do it all together ”.

The statement from the Ministry of Justice and City Security

More than 250 River bars were arrested using knives and drugs

City Police this afternoon detained more than 250 members of the River Plate gang with knives, narcotics and positional phosphor flares as they tried to enter Monumental Stadium.

The arrests were made at the behest of the Specialized Prosecutor for Sports Events, in charge of Drs. Celsa Ramírez, after the operation coordinated by the Soccer Security Committee and in collaboration with the Judicial Investigation Corps (CIJ).

Most of the detainees were included a few days ago in the database of the program “Tribuna Segura”.

The arrests were made by members of the Illicit Conduct Department of the Sports Events Directorate of the City Police, in the vicinity of the Antonio Vespucio Liberti stadium, specifically at the intersection of General Paz and Cantilo avenue.

“These supporters have a right to be accepted and because of previous investigations we know they will come out of the stadium. Thanks to the actions of the City Police, the CIJ and prosecutor Celsa Ramírez, we caught them and took them away. in justice. We work so that families are in the courts and the bars are outside, “said Marcelo D’Alessandro, Minister of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires.

During the operation in which they were identified, those involved were reluctant to proceed and were arrested for “disobedience, attack and resistance to authority”, by instruction of the Specialized Prosecutor for Sports Events.

In addition, white weapons, narcotics and position phosphor flares were found in his belongings.

As reported, the detainees will be transferred to various City Police mayors

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