The judge beaten in a match in González Chaves has had a relapse: how his health continues

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The judge beaten in a match in González Chaves has had a relapse: how his health continues

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Magalí Cortadi, with an orthopedic neck for the injury caused by her attacker.

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When the adrenaline of the critical moment has subsided, the body started sending signals. The morning after the brutal beating he received in a reserve football match against González Cháves, the referee Dalma Magalí Cortadi (24) had pain all over his body. Sequels appeared hours after the incidents that led to the arrest of a player and the general rejection of gender-based violence.

A new medical examination carried out in a private clinic found that the judge had a head injury to the side of the neck, bruises in various parts of the body and severe contracture in the cervical region.

Dalma Cortadi, who was attacked by a player in the middle of a match of the reserve teams of Garmense and Club Independencia (both from that district located 400 kilometers from the CABA), must remain 15 days of rest and this Tuesday he will undergo a computed tomography to determine the degree of injury in the head area.

Magalí Cortadi plans to leave the arbitration.

Magalí Cortadi plans to leave the arbitration.

the defender Cristian Tirone (32), responsible for the irrational punch he launched from behind the referee, is still being held in the Chave police stationyes He is accused of “wounds” aggravated by gender-based violence.

In addition, other sanctions and early convictions were known that run parallel to each other. José Luis del Rio, president of the Garmense Club of De la Garma (municipality of 1,600 inhabitants that belongs to the south-east provincial district) reported that Tirone was “banned for life” by the entity.

The club’s decision is to permanently dissociate him from the institution. He was on loan and joined the football team this year. It did a lot of damage to Garmense and the decision was immediate“, explained the leader in a radio note.

In addition, the Provincial Agency for the Prevention of Sports Violence (Aprevide) has anticipated that it has already ordered the “exclusion from access to any phase of the sporting competitionAccording to what was reported by the head of that institution, Eduardo Aparicio, the determination was made ex officio, after seeing the images that went viral since Sunday afternoon. And even after maintaining informal communication with Cortadi.

Source: Clarin

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