The Argentine Volleyball League already has venues for its 22/23 edition

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The Argentine Volleyball League already has venues for its 22/23 edition

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Sea of ​​silver. (Print ACLAV)

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The 2022/2023 Argentine Volleyball Championshipwhich will begin next November with the participation of 12 teams, has defined the venues of the seven stages of its Regular Phase with cities going from north to south and from east to west of the Argentine Republic.

The road will begin in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires with Ciudad Vóley as organizer of the first Tour, which will launch the tournament ball in early November. The second Tour is scheduled for the same month, of which UPCN will be the venue in its impeccable San Juan stadium. In this way, the LVA RUS will start on the two fields where last season’s exciting final series was played.

Buenos Aires.  (Print ACLAV)

Buenos Aires. (Print ACLAV)

December has only one Tour scheduled, as the ACLAV Argentina Cup will be held in the second fortnight of that month as the close of the action in 2022. The Regular Phase will then have its third stopover in Mar del Plataat Once Unidos, a club that year after year bets on staying in the organizers’ lot.

As early as 2023, the resumption of the game will take place in Paraná, with Club Atlético Paracao in charge of receiving all the protagonists of the highest national category in the fourth Tour. Also in January there will be the fifth Tour, in which Mutual Policial will make its debut in Formosa as a guest of a stage of LVA RUS.

The last two stages are scheduled for February and will take the action from the north to the south of the country. First, Tucumán will host once againas in the 21/22 edition, since Monteros has been appointed organizer of the sixth Tour, then the relay will pass to the newcomer AMUVOCA, with the seventh and last Regular Phase Tour to be held in El Calafate, province of Santa Cruz.

Saint John.  (Print ACLAV)

Saint John. (Print ACLAV)

Once this path is over, the eight best-ranked teams will access the Play Offs for the title, which will begin with a Tour of the quarter-finals, with a venue yet to be defined, and then move on to the away format for the semi-final series and final, which will be the best of the 3 and 5 games respectively.

Source: Clarin

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