Thus was left the ranking of the Professional League: Gimnasia, Boca and River, the big names of the appointment

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Thus was left the ranking of the Professional League: Gimnasia, Boca and River, the big names of the appointment

River narrowed the gap with Atlético thanks to Suárez’s goal. Photo: Fotobaires

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It’s news: Atletico Tucuman lost and it can be said that the big winner of date number 12 was the Gym from Goofy Gorosito. Is that, the Lobo Platense is back to add three and it was only one point from the Dean. But there were two other teams that can be considered victorious over the weekend. This time, Mouth Y River (the two have reached 18 points) has reduced the distance with the leader (who has 25) and with Racing (20) that he was “the big one” in the best position and once again could not win, even though he got a draw that could have been a defeat.

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Let’s start with the match of the date left on Sunday: Independent against River. El Rojo arrived reinvigorated, after last day’s victory in Santa Fe and with the return of Falcioni to the bench. In front, the River de Gallardo needed to win to get closer to the top. Everything seems to have been defined by the weight of history, those 24 classics of difference between those of Núñez and those of Avellaneda. Is that, after a close encounter, 1-0 for those of Muñeco with a heartbreaking goal from Matías Suárez. So, it was seven from the top with one (an eternity) 15 given ahead.

Saturday gave away decisive games in the standingswith most of the teams fighting above as protagonists, and a key result when it comes to aspirations: the first defeat of the surprising Atlético Tucumán by Lucas Pusineri, who is still the leader but with several rivals chasing his privileged position.

It was Arsenal de Sarandí who placed him ending the principal’s streak who had it unbeaten for 11 games, an unexpected figure in the previous competition. Those of Tucumán remain with 25 points and a handful of teams that have taken advantage of the setback to close the gap.

The first of them was Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata, who on Friday beat Godoy Cruz 2-0 and climbed to 24 units, one behind the lead. “Anxiety is not good, it takes forever”, warned his DT Gorosito, cautious.

Another that counted for three it was Union, who overturned the game for Vélez with a flurry at the end of the game, and is third with 21 points, 4 behind the albiceleste. Tatengue are looking to enter the South America Cup zone, but if Colón was champion last year, why not get excited?

And the one who did his homework too was Boca, of course. The 2-1 at the Bombonera against Platense brings him to the 18-point line, 7 of Tucuman, with two other teams of that level: the same Calamar and Patronato, who barely equalized as a guest against Banfield, but continues to deal with the averages. Therefore, the Xeneize was another of the big winners of the date as they cut the gap with the Atlético leader by three.

The races were left with a bittersweet flavor, which drew against Barracas Central in a match that came with the need to add three but could have easily lost: his goalkeeper Chila Gómez was a figure. The Academy will have to settle for fourth place, with 20 points and 5 from Atlético Tucuman, knowing that next Sunday they will host Boca al Cilindro.

In that strip of 20 units remained Argentinos Juniorswho lost to Talleres in Kempes, not taking advantage of the fact that the team from Cordoba kept the names thinking about the Copa Libertadores.

Back on Sunday, the one that had a great chance to get close was San Lorenzo, who blew up the Nuevo Gasómetro in front of a student who took care of the players thinking about the Copa Libertadores match. Ciclón fans arrived enthusiastic after the win against Argentinos Juniors but were disappointed. It was 0-0 and so on those of Insúa have reached 17 pointsremaining 8 from the tip.

In addition, Huracán beat Aldosivi and crossed the finish line of Racing and Argentinos with 20 points, although he finished sixth on goal difference.

Newell’s, who just a few dates ago was fighting for first place with Atlético Tucumán, continued to fade and equalize with Colón, finishing in 13th place with 17 points. The Santafesinos, on the other hand, add just 14.

This is the table

Source: Clarin

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