The raw story of Ryan Giggs’ ex-partner, in the trial for gender violence: jealousy, control and physical damage

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The raw story of Ryan Giggs' ex-partner, in the trial for gender violence: jealousy, control and physical damage

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Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester court. (AFP)

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Kate Grevillethe former partner of the Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggson Tuesday described in tears the “aggressive” behavior of the former footballer, who is accused of gender-based violence and faces trial in Manchester.

Giggs, 48, who has won two Champions Leagues with the shirt of red devils and who until recently coached the Wales team, attended the dock on the second day of the Manchester court trial.

former footballer pleads not guilty to the charges against him, for which he faces a sentence of up to five years in prison. Specifically, he is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Kate Gervillebetween August 2017 and November 2020.

Giggs.  (AFP)

Giggs. (AFP)

Giggs will also have to defend against a “behavior control” offense during their relationship, which began in 2017.

A day after a highly publicized trial began, the jury saw footage of a police interview with Greville.

Sometimes through tears, the 36-year-old PR manager, who knew Giggs through her work, said that “I was madly in love with him”but that “there were warning signs, of course” from the start.

This interview was conducted in November 2020, after agents went to the couple’s home due to a violent dispute.

Ryan Giggs walks into Manchester REUTERS / Carl Recine courthouse

Ryan Giggs walks into Manchester REUTERS / Carl Recine courthouse

The prosecution claims that Giggs, during this incident, hit Greville in the head, injuring her lips, and nudging her sister’s jaw.who intervened in his defense.

The former footballer’s attorney, Chris Daw, said on Monday that his client “hadn’t resorted to any kind of illegal violence”, noting that Giggs acknowledged that his behavior “on a moral level was far from perfect. “.

Greville detailed her suspicions of infidelity, noting that Giggs was aggressively denying it, blocking her number and ignoring her, before begging her to come back. “It was like a constant mental struggle. I started feeling horrible anxiety,” she said.

Greville also recounted a hotel brawl early in their relationship in 2017, in which he claimed that Giggs “exploded “and dragged her naked into the corridorwhere he unloaded what was in his suitcase.

The complainant’s statement

Ryan Giggs.  (AFP)

Ryan Giggs. (AFP)

In a video of a police jury interview, Greville told investigators that Giggs “turned around” when the couple was in a nightclub and she saw him write to them. “Another girl”. Giggs insisted that she was texting her daughter and when they returned to the hotel room she violently evicted her from her suite.

“Literally overturned again”she said, when she was interviewed by police weeks after claiming he had headbutted her in November 2020.

“He grabbed me, I had no clothes on, he grabbed my arm, wrist, very strong, and he literally dragged me into the living room of the suite, grabbed me, knocked me down and took all my bags. All my belongings, all my makeup and I threw it out in the hallway and I literally closed the door and they didn’t let me in the bedroom. They are there, naked. All my stuff was in the middle of the hall and I was wondering, what just happened? ”Greville said.

The woman said Giggs was “almost like two people” during their relationship. There was the “nice” Ryan and the “bad” Ryan, who was violent and controlling.

He told police he met the Manchester United star in 2013 when his company was hired to help him and United’s colleague Gary Neville open their businesses. Football Coffee Y Football hotel.

Greville stated that he and Giggs started a relationship when they were both married. She had an “unhappy” and “truly controlling” marriage, which Giggs helped her escape. While the former footballer said he wanted to leave his wife, Stacey. In a short time the couple fell in love and in May 2016 their relationship went public.

“I was extremely in love with him. I thought it was the best thing ever, “she said in her first interview with the police.” I really thought she was my soul mate and best friend. You know those love stories you see in the movies? it seemed”.

However, there were “red flags” from the start, he told police, describing how he would show up at her apartment and ring the bell incessantly if he didn’t answer her calls or messages, threatening to talk about her. to his boss. . On one occasion, when she didn’t want to let him in, he yelled at her: “You are a whore. Do you have anyone there? “

When Giggs was unable to leave Stacey, Greville moved to Abu Dhabi “to get away from him,” the court heard. But he continued bombing it with messages and eventually agreed to return to Manchester after Giggs said they might have a baby. Later, when she found out she was dating other women, she denied promising him.

Source: Clarin

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