Copa Argentina: how Agropecuario arrives, the club that has already killed Racing and which is now going to make a bang against Boca

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Copa Argentina: how Agropecuario arrives, the club that has already killed Racing and which is now going to make a bang against Boca

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After eliminating Racing, Agropecuario dreams of another blow against Boca. (Photo: Twitter @Agropecuario_Of)

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“There is always a dream to come true”, Agropecuario Argentino proposes at this time in its accounts on the various social networks. For Carlos Casares’ new club, founded just 11 years ago, that dream has a date, a time and a place: Wednesday at 21:10 at the Padre Martearena stadium in Salta, where they will face Boca for the first knockout round of the Italian Cup. ‘Argentina. Nobody can take away the illusion of a team that has just left Racing on the streets in this tournament, but is not spending its most virtuous days in the First National Team.

Very different were the days of soy when he beat Racing 2-1 in San Salvador de Jujuy on 8 June. He had arrived at that clash with 12 unbeaten games (five wins and seven draws). He now has five winless appearances and has only won one of his last 14 games (of the other 13, he has drawn nine and lost four).

Before the start of that positive streak, Casarense’s team was in 12th place in the First National Team, the penultimate that gives access to the Ridotto for the second promotion to the Professional League. Today he is 24th, six points from the last place that allows the passage to the mini contest at the end of the season.

The team’s erratic gait was unmasked by Bernardo Grobocopatel, president, founder and omnipotent man of the Buenos Aires club. 10 days ago, after the 1-0 defeat at home against Gimnasia de Mendoza for the 27th round of the First National team, the farmer published a very hard reflection on him Facebook.

Matías Fritzler, one of the most experienced men of Agropecuario.  (Photo: Twitter @Agropecuario_Of)

Matías Fritzler, one of the most experienced men of Agropecuario. (Photo: Twitter @Agropecuario_Of)

“You don’t play at all, we haven’t kicked the goal once, we haven’t made two passes in a row. With a few honorable exceptions, we neither execute nor insert either, and I could continue if I develop other arguments. The reality is that there was only one team on the pitch and it was gymnastics. If we continue to play with this attitude, we hope to save ourselves from relegation. The reality is one, the difficult part is accepting it “, shot Grobocopatel.

The main deficit in these last matches of the team that Diego Osella has led since March (he replaced Federico Hernández after the sixth round of the First National team) is the attack: accumulate 484 minutes without converting. His latest goal was scored by Emanuel Dening 11 minutes into the second half in a 1-0 win over Atlanta at the Ofelia Rosenzuaig stadium on 9 July.

that very day Brian Soft he played his last game with the green shirt. Agropecuario’s top scorer in the tournament (he has scored eight in 19 games) and author of the two goals in the win against Racing in Jujuy was traded to Lanús. The departure of the 27-year-old from Rosario, trained in the lower leagues of Rosario Central, it has left a void that Osella has not yet managed to fill.

Without Blando, the weight of the attack now falls on Emanuel Dening, who scored seven goals in 26 matches of the tournament, although neither he nor his teammates in attack in the last five games (Alejandro Melo, Diego Diellos, Nahuel Luján) have managed to break the drought.

After Brian Blando's departure, Emanuel Dening is Agropecuario's main attack card.  (Photo: Twitter @Agropecuario_Of)

After Brian Blando’s departure, Emanuel Dening is Agropecuario’s main attack card. (Photo: Twitter @Agropecuario_Of)

To this offensive deficit was added a problem in the defense: the injury of Néstor Moiraghi, one of the most experienced players in the squad. The 37-year-old central defender had to leave the pitch on Sunday, in the 0-0 defeat of All Boys in Floresta, due to a contracture. Osella will wait for his recovery until the last moment and if he cannot exploit it he will turn to Lucas Vesco to fill that post.

The landscape for agriculture is not simple. However, its president, the same one who was so critical a few days ago, now trusts. “Being at a normal level, Boca are a goal or two ahead of us. But this team went undefeated for 15 games and spent a game in Racing. If the players want, they can”Said Grobocopatel in an interview posted on the site Only climb.

Source: Clarin

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