River: Enzo Pérez has already recovered and opens a dilemma for Marcelo Gallardo

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River: Enzo Pérez has already recovered and opens a dilemma for Marcelo Gallardo

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Enzo Pérez, the captain of the River. (Juano Teson)

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Enzo Perez He quickly recovered from the injury to his left knee suffered Sunday in the classic against Independiente. The man from Mendoza was discharged and is ready for Saturday’s game against Newell’s. And now Marcelo Gallardo has a dilemma: will the captain continue in the team or will he replace him? Bruno Zuculini?

The scare in Avellaneda for Pérez was important, but it was a matter of hours before he calmed down. The central midfielder barely managed to play 25 minutes against Rojohe raised his hand, asked for the change and left with severe pain in his left knee following a blow that occurred in the fall suffered for an infringement committed by Lucas Romero.

So Zuculini entered. And the blond midfielder made an outstanding performanceto such an extent that it was the classic River figure who beat Independiente, right after his attack after which the ball was dropped Matias Suarez To define.

Enzo Pérez came out in the duel against Independiente.  (Marcello Carroll)

Enzo Pérez came out in the duel against Independiente. (Marcello Carroll)

Zuculini does not have the fluid play of Enzo Pérez or the clear exit of the first pass, but it gives him more exhibition and intensity in the middle of the field by the physical rigor that he imposes. At 29, the former Racing player perhaps has the power Pérez was losingsince he is already 36 years old.

But Enzo feels he has even more to give. And he wants to be forever. After carrying out regenerative work and increasing the loads with the passing of the days, in the last test he accelerated to full, passed the test without pain in the area and received the green light to be this Saturday (20:30) at the Monumentale, which means another example that the physicist continues to wink at him with remarkable resilience.

So far in 2022 Enzo has played 26 games, of which 25 as a starter (he entered only in the second half against Aldosivi). However, in the midst of a busy schedule, he constantly chats with Gallardo about his energy-dosing charges.

Zuculini and Gallardo.  (Marcello Carroll)

Zuculini and Gallardo. (Marcello Carroll)

For his good pace at the moment of the first pass, the winning mentality and the wear and tear he does in every game is fundamental for the functioning of a team that, as Gallardo reflected, if Enzo is well, River plays well. However, in the last few games he has not performed well. And Zuculini, with his fervor, replaced him well when he had to.

what the numbers say

Enzo Perez.  (Maxi Falla)

Enzo Perez. (Maxi Falla)

When comparing one to the other, according to the data provided by art optthere are some values ​​in which Zuculini is above Pérez in the semester.

Of the 592 minutes played, spread over 7 games, Zuculini shot on goal several times (10 against 2) than Pérezmore interceptions (from 13 to 10), better percentage of aerial duels won (from 66.7% to 53.8%) and recoveries (from 7.85 to 6.4 per game).

Instead, Enzo Pérez surpassed him in the steps: in the amount per game (66 to 55), in the percentage of effectiveness (87 to 83) and in the passes for the shot (5 to 3). Furthermore, in liquidations (from 10 to 8) and in duels won from below: from 60% to 46.4%.

Although the man from Mendoza is following a similar path to that of Leonardo Ponzio, Gallardo still believes he has left thread on the spool. And Enzo struggles to continue being, no matter how much Zuculini is on his heels.

Source: Clarin

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