The DT Rondina left Colón with anger: “When they don’t love you it’s difficult, I saw it coming”

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DT Rondina left Colón in anger:

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Sergio Rondina and his last visit to the headquarters where Colón trains. Photo: Capture TV.

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The meat grinder of Argentine football, which claims to win consistently, has done it again. This Wednesday Sergio Rondina he stopped being a coach Columbus of Santa Fe after directing only 7 games. His career as manager of the team that less than a year ago was crowned Professional League Cup champion lasted just over a month.

The Egg has collected one win, four draws and two defeats as team leader of the sabalero. After losing to Central Córdoba (a club he led until July), the manager agreed to terminate his contract with the management. This Thursday he was present on June 4th to greet the players and his statements left a lot of fabric to cutbecause nothing was saved.

“I don’t want to talk. The sensations are not good, after 40 days having to leave is not good, but it’s the reality”, said the former Colón coach.

Rondina has already left two clubs this year.  Photo: Twitter.

Rondina has already left two clubs this year. Photo: Twitter.

Sergio Rondina He referred to the lack of response from his managers and the short time he had to work during the week: “It is known that the team has not worked in these matches, we couldn’t find the returnNo matter how many explanations they give you, it doesn’t make sense. It’s been 40 days and a long week of work, He also had no arguments for what the team showed maintain a defense with the leaders “.

And he threw a dart at the management stating that they no longer wanted him as DT when he had barely managed seven games: “When they bite your ticket it’s hard, when they don’t want you in one place no matter how hard you want to go on and have a chat with the players, there are decisions that matter. “

When asked if the players supported him or not, Rondina replied: “Every day we work well, with a lot of dedication on the part of everyone, with a lot of respect for the technical staff. but on match days the team didn’t workand when this happens, the coaching staff pays the pot. “

There were only seven games as a Colón manager.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

There were only seven games as a Colón manager. Photo: Marcelo Carroll.

And he added: “But for us it was a rich experience, it will make us draw conclusions, from bad things is when you learn more, but there is nothing to blame the players, they have always worked, I caught the team in a bad mood, with few goals ahead, with individual performances not of a good level. It happens because everyone goes back to what they were and this will make the team grow collectively ”.

Moreover, he knows that the issue of results is fundamental in the decision: “Things are reversed with the results, the team did not work and what happened happened. I thought I was going to find something else from football, I didn’t think or expect it would happenNot even the most pessimistic would have expected it “.

Wanchope Abila, one of the strong names of a squad who disappointed the tournament.

Wanchope Abila, one of the strong names of a squad who disappointed the tournament.

Sergio Rondina detailed his team’s plans: “The biggest goal was the Libertadores and they were left out. The shortest was the Argentine Cup and they were left out. In the league we were far away, there were performances low individuals and we did it ‘We were able to strengthen them, this is having repercussions, and it did not help the team’s performance. “

Finally, the Eggwho resigned from his position as DT of Central Córdoba due to conflicts with the leadership in July, retraced his steps and retorted against the Board of Directors of Colón: “When they don’t want you in one place …“.

And he finished:You have pride, you are not bound by a contract, you want to have fun, when trust is lost and your ticket bitten, it’s not easy. It’s not all that linear, I saw it coming. The president was in training on Sunday“.

Rondina’s case is simply another in the collective hysteria of Argentine football where only victory counts. Therefore, he is added to the list in duplicate, being one of the twenty coaches who have left their club so far this year. The Egg he did so on two occasions (central Córdoba and Colón).

The list of coaches who left office in 2022 counting the League Cup and the Professional Football League: Rodolfo De Paolo (who left and has now returned to the Central Barracks), Ivan Delfino (Patronage), Angelo William Hoyos (laboratories), Christian Gonzalez (Central Rosary), Maurizio Pellegrino (Velez), Claudio Sponto (platform), diego fiori (Godoy Cruz), Juan Manuel Azconzabal (Atletico Tucumán), Pietro Troglio (Saint Lawrence), Diego Davove (banfield), Frank Dario Kudelka (Hurricane), Martino Palermo (Aldosivi left in the recess), Leandro Somoza (Central Rosary), Sergio Rondina (Córdoba Central and now Colón), Giulio Cesare Falcioni (Colon), Sebastiano Battaglia (Boca Juniors), Jorge Almiron (Lano), Eduardo Dominguez (Independent), Alfredo Berti (Central Barracks) e Claudio Graff (Independent).

Source: Clarin

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