Home Sports Alina Moine surprised ESPN with an unexpected comment on Gallardo’s renewal at River

Alina Moine surprised ESPN with an unexpected comment on Gallardo’s renewal at River

Alina Moine surprised ESPN with an unexpected comment on Gallardo’s renewal at River

Alina Moine surprised ESPN with an unexpected comment on Gallardo's renewal at River

Alina Moine, ESPN host and licensed voice of the River world. Photo: Capture.

For some time now, the driver Alina Moine he is emotionally connected Marcello GallardoSD of River. And when inside ESPN It’s up to him to talk about the news of the Núñez club, his words are felt with another filter. All the more so if the topic under discussion is the renewal of the Millionaire coach.

The reporter was talking to her colleague Paolo Ferrera and the former footballer Damian Manusovich, which carried out a present analysis of some of the candidates to retain the title of Lega Professionisti. When it came time to talk about River, the first thing that was discussed was the role of the current team leaders.

And from the hand of some observations on the campus assembly, came the interrogation: Will Gallardo continue to River?

Then, Manusovich commented: “I think, without neglecting the local tournament, Gallardo is preparing the River for next year’s Copa Libertadores. He has had a lot of additions in this market and the previous one. It’s a big change. He’s putting the river together. of the future”.

Moine, very judiciously, in the first place he recalled that the Núñez club has not yet qualified for the next edition of the great continental competition, so this would be his number one goal for the semester. “Reaching the rankings at the Libertadores, or for the Copa Argentina, for the Annual Table or by dedicating oneself to this tournament, is River’s first goal,” he commented.

And there, while deepening a possible generational change of the squad, it was that Alina did not dare to take the continuity of the ‘Muñeco’ for granted in 2023, and when Manusovich spoke of Jorge Brito’s intention to renew the DT bond of At least until the end of his term – within three years -, he was energetic.

“Gallardo’s contract expires at the end of the year, it is a reality”, the driver began, before entering a field that is at times a bit uncomfortable.

Manusovich said that inside the offices of the Monumental there is no doubt about who will be the next coach of the “Millionaire”.

But Alina replied: “You don’t make that proposal. Rest assured that Francescoli is evaluating it, because that’s what corresponds”. Later, he made the comment that can resonate in the River world: “If I discursively analyze Gallardo in the latest renewals of him, I give him a 0.01% chance to renew his contract for three years“.

And he explained, trying to keep his word: “Here I rely on the speeches of Gallardo, it’s the last thing I can imagine. Many years have passed, it’s eight years. A renewal year after year, as always, will be already very personal “.

“I can’t imagine a Gallardo signing for three years in any way. Gallardo’s last contracts lasted a year, and reinforcements were always brought in with projection, so many players in which Gallardo projected the future,” said the reporter. . .

“Thinking about the positive for the River fan and for the management, we can talk about this long time that will be due to the interruption of the World Cup. It is an exceptional year, which ends early, at the end of October. You have a very long hiatus and a very different preseason. This can turn positive for River, which isn’t all straightforward“continued Alina in her analysis.

With these words, the ESPN journalist paralyzed the networks, and fans are starting to wonder what will happen to the continuity of the great idol. The management, for its part, is enthusiastic about the possibility of obtaining a renewal.

Source: Clarin


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