Adrian Mutu, the Romanian who painted for crack but ruined his career for drugs, pornography and mafia ties

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Adrian Mutu, the Romanian who painted for crack but ruined his career for drugs, pornography and mafia ties

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Adrian Mutu and his ex-wife, Alexandra Dinu, who sued him for violence after the divorce.

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In the market at the end of 2013, the telephone number of Víctor Blanco, president of Racing, began to ring … The call came from outside. The return of Diego Milito al Academy, there were 6 months left for that pass. At that time, only two players could be incorporated. And the Avellaneda club was offered a particular name: the Romanian Adrian Mutu.

The authorities agreed to respond to the offer after discussing it with coach Reinaldo Mustard Blackbird. The striker, who was 34 at the time, made a quantum leap for the team.

However, there were also negative points in his archives: investigations for links with the mafiacases of dopingappearances in pornographic videos and problems with the police authorities.

the Romanian crack

Adrian Mutu was born on January 8, 1979 in Arges, Romania. Since childhood he has been trained in the youth club of his city. He makes his debut in the first team and his talent immediately makes him stand out. Fast forward, skilled, dribbling with a great shot from distance. Owner of a special technique that made him out of series.

His goals were taken from Dinamo Bucharest. In the Romanian giant he only played one season where he scored 22 goals in 33 games and raised two titles. This was enough for the Inter Milan bought his pass but failed to set foot and crossed the Hellas Verona Y Parma. In the latter he shared the advantage with Adriano and had a memorable 2002/03 season.

Unsurprisingly, the big clubs have turned their eyes to him again. This time it was the Chelseawhich began a reconstruction at the hands of Roman Abramovich, who paid around 25 million dollars for his pass in August 2003. And so he went to Premier Leaguechampionship then dominated by Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.

The striker has become a worldwide promise. A 24-year-old celebrity who made headlines in newspapers and wowed everyone with his football. He was studying law and had an ideal marriage with model and actress Alexandra Dinu.

doping for cocaine

But just a few months later, Adrian Mutu’s future in the British club began to plummet. Poor sporting performance in its second season in Blues and lightning-fast travels to his country without any justification given José Mourinho distrust. One day he was subjected to an unannounced doping control and tested positive for cocaine..

The English Football Association fined him € 25,000 and suspended him from activity for seven months. Soccer player she said she used a product to improve her sexual performance and that it was all a misunderstanding. But in London they didn’t want to hear his apology and they fired him for more than twenty million dollars in compensation.

To make matters worse in one of his sexual encounters with the porn actress laura andresan it was filmed without his consent and many of his videos have appeared in a pornographic film. According to European media, after these scandals his wife, actress Alexandra Dinu, decided to end the relationship. Also, after the divorce she reported him for violence.

Fiorentina: the rebirth and the fall

After overcoming the turbulent moments, the Romanian striker has decided to relaunch his career. Thus, he landed on the Juve. Its good performance in old lady was overshadowed by relegation to Serie B amid the sports scandal known as calciopoli. Also, the high competition didn’t help him.

In Fiorentina he had his big chance and was able to exploit it. Italy suited him well. And also the city of Florence. In the club where Gabriel Omar Batistuta has been able to shine, he has formed a great duo Alberto Gilardino and has become much loved by fans of the Viola.

In the Tuscan club he has found his place in the world. He has reached 100 goals in Serie A, was captain, twice participated in the Champions League and reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup. Mutu was treated like an idol. And the best kick of him was seen there. He once again he made a mess.

In January 2010, the Romanian tested positive for the second time in his career. On this occasion, for sibutramine, a drug to reduce hunger. He was suspended for 10 months. A long time away from the fields, at 31, it was impossible not to play against him.

In October of that year Mutu returned to give the ticket. At five in the morning, in a bar in Florence, a waiter asked the player and his teammates to pay for the drinks they had ordered. Soccer player he had no better idea than to attack him. The worker, of Yugoslav origin, ended up with a fracture of the nasal septum and stayed with him tear apart. Another scandal.

Mafia ties

In case something is missing from this particular story, the Romanian Information Service found links with a criminal who belonged to the Romanian mafia. The attacker had several phone calls with Nuredin Beinur, wanted for corruption and extortion. Furthermore, the mobster has shown that he is paying off Mutu’s debts in exchange for using his image to make money.

Adrian Mutu’s sporting career was marked by a big question: if he had behaved correctly professionally, would he have become the best Romanian footballer in history? Until now, only someone of that nationality showed better scrolls. And that person, curiously, is his godfather: Gheorghe Hagi, The Carpathian Maradona.

Adrian Mutu, The brilliant who was able to break down walls with Hernán Crespo at Chelsea, who played with Gilardino at Fiorentina and who shared the advantage with Adriano at Parma, ended his days wandering around smaller clubs in Italy, France, India and Romania. Eventually in Racing they lowered their thumbs and retired to his country.

After many extra football problems and two failed marriages, the Romanian is back to rebuild a life. He married Sandra Bachici, former Miss Romania, and began his career as a technical director. He coached FC Voluntari, had an experience in the United Arab Emirates, then moved to his country’s Under-21 national team, FC Craiova, and ended up at FC Rapid 1923 where he currently heads.

Source: Clarin

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