Sosa and Falcioni, the targets of the Independiente fans’ anger

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Sosa and Falcioni, the targets of the Independiente fans' anger

Julio César Falcioni is the subject of criticism. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia

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The two started the afternoon by listening to the boos as their names were called out by the stadium voice. And the two ended up with red ears from more boos and scoldings. I’m Sebastiano Sosa Y Giulio Falconithe goalkeeper and the coach of Independent. One is targeted for his mistakes under the three poles and the other for putting him on accusing him of “pushing the team back” in the second half. The man with the gloves and the man with the DT diver were the objects of anger of the fans after the 1-1 against Vélez.

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In the previous one, Falcioni’s determination to take out Milton Alvarez, who had done nothing to get out of it, and to put Sosa, who hadn’t stopped since Claudio Graf’s internship, had aroused surprise. “Sebastián Sosa is playing for the qualification for the World Cup and I understood that he had to play and show himself”, explained the coach at the press conference the reason for the election of him, who was not successful with the result.

Sosa had started on Sunday with a nice gesture handing out shirts and shorts to the boys who were behind his door when he did the warm-up exercises. While there were some boos when he was announced among the holders (and cheers for Alvarez, who was among the substitutes), he was later greeted with cheers as he stepped out onto the pitch with the team and headed for the area that was among the substitutes. he defended in the first half. He didn’t have much work in that initial phase because Vélez practically did not arrive, other than a header from a stationary ball.

In the end, with Fortín already dominating with the entry of the owners, the serious error arrives, which leads to the equalization of Luca Pratto, which unleashes the anger of the stands. Edgar Elizalde cut a load and the ball fell on the Uruguayan, who was able to catch it with his hands as it was not a deliberate pass to his compatriot’s goalkeeper. But Sosa plays the other way around and instead of pocketing, he rejects with his foot, but leaves short and the ball falls on Walter Bou, who shoots in the center for the Bear.

He is a very good professional, he has always been up to the task. He needed to play because he is looking for the squad for the World Cup. The goal was a misinterpretation, “said Falcioni, who had already received complaints because his team defended a lot on their own area in complement.” Take the p … that gave you birth to the team! “They sang to him. people in the middle of the game.

“I have heard the request. If the fan thinks it’s okay, I’ll leave it there. I don’t reject the team. All the attacking midfielders or forwards entered the second half ”, was the response of the Emperor, who scored 4 points out of the 15 played in this third round in the Avellaneda club.

“I lit my butt because I felt hot. When we make mistakes we pay dearly ”, concluded Falcioni, who did not have a good start on his return to Rosso.

Source: Clarin

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