An eight-year-old boy created his scrapbook because his parents couldn’t buy him one.

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An eight-year-old boy created his scrapbook because his parents couldn't buy him one.

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Eight-year-old Joao Gabriel created his sticker album. Photo: Olè

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The fury that was unleashed after the release of the sticker album of the Qatar World Cup 2022 it is unheard of. The frenzy to fill it has no limits and stories of all kinds arise all over the world.

From that 20-year-old who designed the Tinder for trading cards, to the guy who created his album because his parents didn’t have the money to buy one.

If one thing was clear, it is that everyone is trying to collect the stickers. Both children and adults. The enthusiasm is immense. But sometimes, prices make buying a package inaccessible due to the difficult economic situation. A Brazilian guy has decided to find a way out of this situation.

The eight-year-old, who lives in Goiania, appealed to his creativity. Since his parents couldn’t buy him an album, he decided to make his own.. This situation has generated emotion in some and indignation in others.

“There was an article about the World Cup album and it said he wanted an album,” his father told the Brazilian media. He added: “I came home from work and he told me he already had one. When I went to see him, he explained what he had drawn.”

“There is no way not to get excited, the happiness is so much that I am speechless to have someone with so much creativity. He made the cards and put the name of each player. He also served as judges, “added João Teixeira in an interview with the G1 portal.

This young man’s father works in a market in Goiania and earns a minimum wage. The economic reality they are going through prevents them from buying the figurines and the child has appealed to his imagination. He even designed the unique Neymar figurine which is advertised on some websites for nine thousand reais.

Lure of stickers: the revolutionary method of an Argentine

Like every four years, the World Cup sticker collection is all the rage. Children want them, but adults too and the limit of shortcomings has been reached. This is why the Union of Kiosqueros of the Argentine Republic (UKRA) has launched a march to claim the exclusivity of the sale of Panini.

Completing the album has become almost impossible, but there is an Argentine who has already made it, less than two weeks before it officially came out in our country. His name is Francesco Dipietrostudies Business Economics at UADE e filled it in just eight days. How did you get it? The answer will surprise you.

In an interview for El Trece’s “Momento D” program, this 20-year-old revealed the revolutionary method he used with his 17-year-old brother. “I created an Instagram to put together a ‘Tinder of small figures’. The people at the faculty sent me what they had, I took the ones I needed and the ones that didn’t work for me I uploaded them to the page. It was like an advantage for everyone, “she explained.

Then, he showed it on TikTok and it quickly went viral. The system was so effective that there was no need to purchase more than 110 booster packs, which equates to 550 cards and a total of $ 16,500. This, in addition to the gifts the creator’s younger brother received for Children’s Day, were enough to make the company happen.

“My mother bought us ten, then my grandmother said ‘well, I’ll buy twenty’, my girlfriend another ten and that’s how we got together,” explained Francisco.

Source: Clarin

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