Ajax reportedly paid € 20m for Ocampos but withdrew and the player was stuck in Amsterdam

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Ajax reportedly paid € 20m for Ocampos but withdrew and the player was stuck in Amsterdam

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There is no agreement between Ajax and Seville. Does the passage fall? (REUTERS / Marcello Del Pozo)

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In the midst of an express negotiation, there was an agreement between Sevilla and Ajax for the sale of Lucas Ocampos’ pass. The player who left the River greeted his teammates, packed his bags and left for Holland. Upon his arrival in the Netherlands, Ocampos did not end up with a contract or a medical examination, but instead ran into an unexpected situation.

True, there was an agreement between the clubs, but in Amsterdam there would have been a communication problem. Gerry Hamstra, Ajax’s sporting director and one of the main drivers of the agreement, presented the agreement to the club’s financial control board. The council didn’t like it at all, and the Dutch team could back down.

The purchase, which had closed at 20 million euros, he would have left River about a million people in the idea of ​​the solidarity mechanism. For the board, this was too big an investment for a 28-year-old who has less and less reselling power. Now, while Ocampos is stuck in Amsterdam, Ajax manages the possibility of submitting another offer.

It would be an agreement it would be around 15 million euros, and which would also present changes in the terms of the contract. To make matters worse, Sevilla do not want to give up, but they do not have many chances either, given that in the last few hours they have replaced the Argentine with the figure of Januzaj. Due to quota issues, it was not possible to enter both.

And now, the heads of Ajax’s football department they try to get the business council to accept the deal, while the board does not take the pass for granted, and press for the Andalusian team to accept a lower offer. According to what was known, Ocampos would have signed a contract for 4 years.

Rumors began to arrive from Spain that the striker who left the River had already turned around and that he would be at Sevilla by now. This was denied by the club and the footballer’s environment. Ocampos is still in Amsterdam with the promise that the deal will be resumed. There are a few hours to go until the market closes. It will be resolved?

Your numbers in Seville

The decision to leave Sevilla was not an easy one. Ocampos he knew how to make a name for himself, and based on the performance, he entered the hearts of Sevillian fans. Although Lucas was still a fixture in calling, the irregularity of the last semester made him lose ground in Julen Lopetegui’s team, which is why he had to seek new horizons.

Even though the possibility seems increasingly distant, Ocampos knows he still has the chance to enter Lionel Scaloni’s list of 26. Before last year’s Copa América, the Quilmes native knew he was undisputed in the Argentine national team. But, in the end, he never stopped establishing himself and ended up losing his place in the squad that won the historic victory at the Maracana.

But if at some point he came to the consideration of the Argentine technical staff, it was for his good performances at Sevilla. Ocampos joined the Andalusian club in mid-2019 and since then, played 135 games in which he scored 34 goals. In addition, he gave 15 assists and became the Europa League champion.

He played Champions, became captain and even in charge of taking penalties. The history of the striker and Sevilla lasted just three years, but a lot has happened in those three years, which is why when he announced the footballer’s departure, Sevilla’s social networks were full of messages of affection for the Argentine. Now, At the last minute the possibility appears that he will continue in Spain. It will happen?

Source: Clarin

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