Furore for the World Cup album in Qatar: they ask up to 120 thousand pesos for a statue of Messi

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Furore for the World Cup album in Qatar: they ask up to 120 thousand pesos for a statue of Messi

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The 120 thousand pesos figurine of Messi, albeit with the possibility of paying it in three installments without interest. Unusual.

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A few days before the release of the World Cup sticker album, the anger to complete the collection is getting bigger and bigger. And as the packages were being opened, the nets were flooded with reactions to some cards more in demand than others. Many, for example, They went crazy over Messi’s appearance, but many others still haven’t had the good fortune to add the Argentine captain to your collection

And this is where the resale option appears. In e-commerce platforms such as Mercado Libre, the search for trading cards has risen high and it was full of users offering albums, bulk packs, and even stickers individually. Of course, not all names mention the same, and a clear example is put in Messi. LThe Leo figurine reaches 120 thousand pesos.

A publication also has the option of paying up to three interest-free installments. The truth is, there are several options that appear to be cheaper, albeit not that much, as other Lionel figurines don’t even cost a tenth. The theme is that for this edition of the World Cup album, Panini has decided to surprise with a new proposal: the ‘Legend’ figurines.

These cards were oriented to the figures of each selection that he will say present in Qatar, and can be found in four versions: gold, silver, bronze and base. Not only these figurines they are not numbered, but they also have an inscription on one of its corners which reads: ‘Extra Sticker’. The same they are not meant to be pasted into the album, but their existence is dedicated to collectors.

And of course, Messi also had to have his ‘Legend’ edition card. In Mercado Libre, the “gold” version of chrome isn’t far behind when it comes to price, since it can be found for up to 80 thousand pesos. Others who can show off their letter in a legendary version are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar – whose figure made a sensation in Brazil -, Lewandowski, Mbappé, Luis Suárez, Luka Modric, Kevin De Bruyne, Christian Eriksen, Heung-Min Son, Sadio Mané, Raphael Varane and Guillermo Ochoa, among others.

The Argentine who filled the album in eight days

Completing the album has become almost impossible, but there is an Argentine who has already made it, and he did it in just eight days. This is Francisco Dipietro, a business administration student at UADE, who managed to complete the collection with an unprecedented method. In an interview for the show Moment Dof El Trece said: “I created an Instagram to put together a ‘Tinder of small figures'”.

“The people at the faculty sent me what they had, I took the ones I needed and the ones that didn’t work for me, I uploaded them to the page. It was like a win for everyone,” explained the 20-year-old, who filled the album with his 17-year-old brother. And while some pay fortunes for the Messi figurine, Francisco added, “The figure of Messi came to us quickly and we took it as a divine sign. It came in envelope number three and it was an impulse to fill it.”

Then, he showed it on TikTok and it quickly went viral. The system was so effective that they didn’t need to purchase more than 110 envelopes, which equates to 550 stickers and a total of $ 16,500. “My mother bought us ten, then my grandmother said ‘well, I’ll buy twenty’, my girlfriend another ten and so we were collecting”, detailed Francisco, to close with the interview and officially become the first Argentine to complete the collection.

Source: Clarin

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