Who is Santiago Furlong, the Argentine who trained police officers in New York and got a podium at the Jiu Jitsu World Cup in Las Vegas

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Who is Santiago Furlong, the Argentine who trained police officers in New York and got a podium at the Jiu Jitsu World Cup in Las Vegas

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In his World Master 2022 debut, Furlong took the podium. photo by IBJJS

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Santiago Furlong he is 35 years old and a little over twelve months ago he changed neighborhoods in Buenos Aires Almagro from New York. There is a part of the team Loto Clubone of the most competitive campuses in the world in Jiu Jitsu, a discipline that he practices as a black belt. is currently in Las Vegaswhere the World Championship is held and this Thursday he got on the podium at his debut, but he is not satisfied.

There were three fights. The first was won 4-2 by Arnold Gladimir Monterroin the second they won 2-0 against Edmund Li and the third, in the semifinal, fell 2 to 4 against Jean-Marc de Groot, who in the end finished second. With these results, Furlong took the third step of the podium.

Before living in the United States, he won the gold medal with the Argentine Grappling Team -discipline similar to Jiu Jits-, at the Pan-American Tournament held in Cenard in 2019. He also won two gold medals in the “world mecca of Jiu “. Jitsu “, Brazil: the first in 2018 in Sao Paulo and the second a year later in Belo Horizonte. He also competed in 2019 in Rome, Italy.

Upon his arrival in the United States, he quickly found himself in the top ten of the category Black Belt Feather No Gi (today 8) of the most important federation in the world, the International Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (IBJJF)winning in this period the gold medal at the International Orlando Open in July 2021, at the International Kansas City Open in October of the same year and at the International New Haven Open on August 14th.

In the same period he was on the podium in other international tournaments: Atlanta, Denver, Charleston, Phoenix, Dallas and Nashville, all of the IBJJF. With these results he was fifth in the standings and now he is eighth.

not just compete

In addition to competing, Furlong has trained people not so interested in the discipline, but in certain techniques. The officers of the New York Police Department – the famous New York Police Department (NYPD) – were the ones who followed his lessons.

The NYPD had asked for help in obtaining more resources to detain people they consider dangerous, as an alternative to a firearm or a taser.

Outside of sport, Furlong also has an interesting resume. Received in 2012 from Image and sound designer at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (FADU) of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). “I later specialized in digital effects and worked on several films, series and commercials,” she says. At the same time, “he trained twice a day, at 7 in the morning and at 8 in the evening, from Monday to Saturday,” he says. Today in New York he trains three times a day.

Internationally, he worked on visual effects design for the series manic from Netflixin which they act Emma Stone Y Jonah Hilland in the game footage Game of thrones. Even in Argentine films The Odyssey of the Giles, Heart of lion, 30 nights with my exY The mirror of others.

Source: Clarin

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