Attack on Cristina Kirchner: when the suspended matches will be played for the attack on the vice president

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Attack on Cristina Kirchner: when the suspended matches will be played for the attack on the vice president

Chiqui Tapia expressed her repudiation and expressed solidarity with CFK from Europe. Photo: REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian.

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The attack Cristina Kirchner and the presidential decree which established that this Friday 2 is considered a national holiday, prompted the AFA to announce the postponement of all the activity that should be carried out on this day in Argentine football, including three matches of the Professional football championship.

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In addition, in the statement he called the body led by Claudio Chiqui Tapia “to society as a whole, warning that violence of any order is never the way”.

The president of the aforementioned institution, which is touring Europe and showed up in Paris together with Lionel Messi and Pocho Lavezzi, expressed his solidarity with the vice president this morning on his social networks.

“As president of the AFA I want to express my strong refusal for the attack suffered by Vice President Cristina Kirchner. As a democratic society we must reject all forms of violence “, wrote the leader.

Which parties were affected?

This Friday, three matches of the Professional League have been scheduled corresponding to the date 17, which began on Thursday evening with the victory of Huracán against Central Córdoba. These matches were Board of Trustees – Santa Fe Union; Rosario Central – Cordoba Laboratories; Y Lano – Tiger.

There were also two duels from the Women’s First Division (UAI Urquiza-Huracán and San Lorenzo-Estudiantes de Buenos Aires), four from the Men’s Reserve and one from Federal A (Crucero del Norte – Unión de Sunchales).

Futsal, lower division and children matches have also been scheduled, as well as two matches corresponding to the 18th of the Women’s First Division tournament.

Reprogramming the LPF

In the morning hours, the Professional League confirmed when the three games that should have been played this Friday will be played. Two of them went on Saturday and one on Sunday, for campus logistics reasons.

The clash between Lanús and Tigre, in the South, will be played this Saturday at 1pm. That same day and now will be the appointment for Carlitos Tévez’s Rosario Central against Talleres, in Arroyito. The Patronato against the Unión, in Paraná, will instead be played on Sunday at 15:30.

These changes will allow the tournament to continue with its limited schedule until the end of the contest, crushed from the start of Qatar World Cup. It remains to be seen when the rest of the football activity will be rescheduled.

Source: Clarin

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