In Gymnastics the players did not concentrate and the president dismissed them: “They care more about the string than the victory”

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In Gymnastics the players did not concentrate and the president dismissed them:

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Gabriel Pellegrino, president of Gymnastics.

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to the president of Gym, Gabriele Pellegrino, did not like the determination of the campus for a delay in the payment of salaries. As a measure of strength, the players have decided not to focus before the match against Independentfundamental in his title race since Wolf He is two points behind the leader. Atletico Tucumán.

“They ask you for the grated apple, the smoothie yogurt, the banana, the kiwi, and it’s all beautiful. But it’s a month late and they don’t remember anything. If they don’t want to focus, they shouldn’t concentrate. Let them put on Netflix and stay at home. I hope they win tomorrow. Obviously they are more interested in the string than winning tomorrow, “said Pellegrino, without hiding his annoyance.

“For delayed for days, they decided not to focus. I disagree with what they did. This was not the time to make such a decision. The debt is one and a half months. Yes, we told them that before Friday they will charge and today they cannot charge for holidays. So the elite group, the Dream Team we have decided not to focus. I’m very angry, “he remarked in statements on La Red and DSports radios.

“When the money comes we will be able to regularize this month and a half. It bothers me not to have a group that thinks about playing. We hope to win and next week everything will be back to normal. It is difficult to manage in a group where some make a decision of the kind, the truth is that it is clear that we have negative leaders. Able not concentrating they win, and we don’t concentrate anymore, what do I know “, the irony was allowed.

Strong against the German

“We brought Brian Aleman with 18 kilos more. We had to run him like a sheep to Estancia Chica to lose weight. There were no problems there. Now, if there are … When he asked for the favor to bring him from Saudi Arabia, we did. Now I don’t think I do much for the group’s filming, “she said.

Looking ahead, the president admitted that the relationship with the group is broken. “I think trust has been lost. Obviously we’re not talking the same way and when they need something now, we won’t be like in another time, ”she advanced.

Along the same lines, he did not ensure the continuity of the coach Nestor Gorosito. “I can’t promise it, because I don’t know if my continuity will be there. Also, I don’t know if he will want to work with a team that hits or doesn’t focus, because he likes to focus, “she assured.

“Maybe we should look for a coach who doesn’t like to concentrate. There, when the hand comes, they say they don’t play and in two weeks we have to do it with the Reserve and Chirola Romero. It bothers me that the team doesn’t have the sensitivity for this moment“, He laughed.

Source: Clarin

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