Scandal with an Argentine footballer in Brazil: Barroso denounced that in Palmeiras they treated her “crazy” and took away the position of captain

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Scandal with an Argentine footballer in Brazil: Barroso denounced that they treated her in Palmeiras

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Agustina Barroso, in Palmeiras. Photo: Instagram.

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For any Argentine, succeeding in a sport in Brazil is usually not easy due to the folklore that surrounds the South American classic as excellent. It is true that there are many successful cases and it seemed that it was going like this Agostino Barrosothe defender of the Argentine soccer team and who quickly became a reference in the palms. But in the last few hours the scandal broke out in a publication on social media: Did they treat her crazy and take her captain away from her?

This was stated by the 29-year-old of the same Tandil, through a publication on her Instagram account, where she whitened the reasons that led her to lose the preponderance in a team in which she was the owner, but it seems that she has nothing. to do with the football thing

The official arguments for his absence in the classic against Corinthians last Saturday were an alleged “indiscipline”, along with his central defense partner. Thai.

The first answer was given by the players’ representative agency: “Given the facts disclosed, we intervened, ex officio, on behalf of the athletes Agustina Barroso and Thaís Ferreira, we said that the information provided is not true. No act of indiscipline on the part of the athletes. Their breeds are exemplary and clean. We are working to clarify the facts and reach a healthy solution so that women can continue their sports careers normally.

But this Friday, the Argentine footballer herself showed up on social networks with a serious complaint about the treatment she received from the leadership of the Sao Paulo team. “I have solid values ​​and principles, transmitted by my FAMILY. Unfortunately, many of them were violated on a daily basis within the club, in attitudes of disrespect, disrepute, questioning my professional skills and even my understanding of the Portuguese language. What woman has never been called insane in the society we live in?“, He threw.

“We just ask for respect and they pay us like that, because that’s what they meant when they said I couldn’t play the game on Saturday, because they claimed he had “psychological problems”They stopped me from playing. I have never been evaluated by a professional to receive that diagnosis“, He added.

“My lawyers are in charge of the case and now all matters will be resolved with them. I am shocked by the situation, but my love for the club does not change. As I have spoken in many interviews and will continue to say around the world, it was love at first sight, so I hope that the problems are solved in the best way for both sides. “

Barroso is the number one of the 2023 World Cup in Australia-New Zealand, after having qualified for the last Copa América played in Colombia. The defender has accumulated great returns, also thanks to his work at Palmeiras, where she arrived in 2020 and seems to have no future. Just in a World Cup season …

Source: Clarin

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