The AFA has accepted Belgrano de Córdoba’s request and there will be fans visiting the match who will be able to give him the promotion

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The AFA has accepted Belgrano de Córdoba's request and there will be fans visiting the match who will be able to give him the promotion

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Between 15,000 and 20,000 Belgrano fans will be able to travel to San Nicolás to watch the match between their team and Brown de Adrogué. (Photo: Twitter @Belgrano)

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Change, everything changes. Just 24 hours later the possibility was completely excluded by the leadership of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (Keep) of the province of Buenos Aires, the public of Belgrano of Cordoba has received the desired news: he will be able to attend the match against which his team will play on Sunday Adrogue Brown for the 35th round of the First National team and in which promotion to the highest category of Argentine football can be ensured.

Confirmation came this Wednesdayafter a meeting on the third floor of the headquarters that the Argentine Football Federation owns in via Viamonte. The president of the parent company of vulgar football, Claudio Tapia, participated in the conclave; the director of Aprivide, Eduardo Aparicio; the owners of Belgrano; Luis Fabián Artime, and Brown, Adrián Vairo (together with his deputy, Martín Camarero); in addition to the president of the first national team, Marcelo Achile, and the manager of the AFA tournaments, Luis Silva.

There it was defined that the match, scheduled for Sunday at 13:40, will not be played at the Lorenzo Arandilla de Adrogué stadium, which has a capacity of 4,500 spectators, but at the San Nicolás unique stadium, which can hold 23,000 people and is located outside the urban area of ​​the city.

In addition, it was decided to allow “Exceptionally, the entrance of the visiting public”as reported by the governing body of the ball on its website, because it was assessed that “there were all the conditions to play the game with both fans”.

“This time it is an exception, but we see it as a good opportunity to show that we can play with the visitors,” said Achile, who thanked the governor of Buenos Aires for his good attitude. Axel Kicillo; to the Minister of Security of the province, Sergio Berniniand Aparicio, who on Tuesday refused the possibility of changing the venue of the meeting and granting access to supporters of the Pirate.

“We echoed the claim of the fans and the leadership of Belgrano de Córdoba, we understood the situation and looked for an alternative similar to the Argentine Cup “, said the Aprevide coach, who stressed that this situation did not open the door to a general return of the visiting audience. announced that there will be between 15,000 and 20,000 Belgrano fans who will be able to attend the meeting, while he estimated that Only 200 fans will attend from the cast of Adrogué. “He’s not a fan, there will be no buses from (supporters of) Brown,” he said.

This decision is a triumph for the leadership of Belgrano and for its president, Luis Fabián Artime, who on Monday evening, a few minutes after his team’s victory against Defensores de Belgrano who had left him one step away from promotion (he has an eight-point lead with nine to play), had expressed his wish that the audience of the Light blue could watch the game with Brown.

“Belgrano deserves to crown this in the best possible way, people deserve it. Hopefully, a bargain can be made. They haven’t told me anything yet, they just talked upstairs. There must be several parties who agree, “she said. A few hours later, those negotiations were concluded.

Source: Clarin

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