“Azululala …”: the incredible whore of Pollo Vignolo when he quotes a national song

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El Pollo Vignolo, guest of ESPN F90.

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Like every noon, Sebastián Vignolo started his ESPN F90 program with an editorial. The topic of the day? The influence of the technical directors on the players. With Guardiola as a lighthouse, of course. And a question: is the player or the coach more important in football? And the confrontation that the driver chose on this occasion to develop his thesis was that of students and teachers. There he entered the story, telling his personal experience of him, and with a whore who did not go unnoticed among his peers.

With a serious tone and his left hand in his pocket, as usual, El Pollo began with his presentation: “It is a discussion that can be reached in many areas. What is more important? The teacher or the student? Definitely the teacher. Now, if the student does not feel like it and does not enter it … it is more difficult for the teacher, but he can improve it. I had a boyfriend who pissed me off. “

You play as you live, sports journalists swear. And, after that start, the driver told why he didn’t like one of his teachers: “Why I was … halfway down the tableI have not even fought the South American, I have not played in Libertadores, I have not gone down and I have kept the category.

Without knowing where Vignolo’s words would lead, the moment came when everyone’s attention was stolen: “I wasn’t the standard-bearer, no, but I grabbed the Papal (flag), which was like entering South America. once at the Santa Rita Institute. And you say to everyone: ‘Today I am going with the Papacy’, and it is heavy. And there comes a moment, when ‘Azulala’ and all the songs … “, the driver launched, causing glances among his companions

“Blue one wing”, corrected the journalist Daniel Arcucci, before the laughter of the rest of the team.

But the driver did not startled and resumed his story, returning to the request in front of the whore, as if he were repeating those lines from memory: “…but never reported. There was a boy I don’t know how he did it. It was a … very good thing when I had to add letters. This boy had a structure, he was a crevasse and he could go without a teacher. And he stayed to see how we suffered when he finished an exam, it was a terrible fight. The teacher could have improved that student, but the boy was Borges. “

Why did you use the example of the masters, Vignolo? Because I believe that in football there are coaches who improve a normal player. But there are cracks that maybe don’t need it, but even if they take advantage of it they can take it to a higher level. Do you think Messi needs a coach? Because Guardiola talked about the role of the coaches and is a coach who improves “, closed the driver and started the debate with the rest of the jury.

Source: Clarin

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