River: the return operation for an American champion who was on Pontius’s farewell has begun

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River: the return operation for an American champion who was on Pontius's farewell has begun

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Pontius’s guests at his farewell. There is one indicated to return. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

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“What are you still doing in Mineiro?” You need to get back to River as soon as possible …

While enjoying a meat sandwich, the targeted man heard that phrase from the mouth of a person very identified with River who spent a long time convincing him to return to the Núñez club. and although the intention of the player (one of the legends of Madrid) was to talk as little as possible about a possible return Given that he has a commitment to Atlético Mineiro and is very cautious and introverted in talking about his personal problems, the talks were inevitable.

The dialogue took place on Tuesday evening at the home of one of the owners of WFG, in a town of the production company that organized Leonardo Ponzio’s farewell. And most of the guests were at the Santa Fe tribute. Between them, Nacho Fernandezwho had arrived in Buenos Aires a few hours earlier with the authorization of the leaders of Mineiro to participate in the event.

At Pontius’s dinner, one day before the meeting at the Monumentale, several people approached Nacho and whispered in his ear that they are waiting for him again at the River, including his former teammates. And although his speech revolved around the fact that he is very comfortable with him and has adapted with his wife to life in Brazil, and that he still has a year of contract, the left-handed went off with a red and white adrenaline rush.

The hours that Nacho spent in Argentina for the farewell of Leonardo Ponzio were fundamental for the return of the operation it would start. The midfielder who wears the Atlético Mineiro shirt today returned to Belo Horizonte immersed in the warmth and affection of the entire universe of River Plate, who asked Núñez to return him. And the fans made it clear with the ovation they gave him at the Monumental.

Contacts have not started now, but they deepened after Fernández’s stay in Buenos Aires. How did Clarin discover, the player himself recognized the talks with people close to him which he kept with the club executives. And also with Marcelo Gallardo, of course.

With Muñeco, in fact, he spoke a lot on Wednesday at the Monumental in view of Ponzio’s match, in which Fernández played with permission from Atlético Mineiro, despite rumors in the Brazilian press indicating the opposite. And here in Argentina there was also talk of an alleged fight with the coach, Cuca, and with the Hulk.

Faced with this situation and the turmoil that arose in Belo Horizonte for his presence at the farewell, Nacho held a press conference after getting off the plane that took him back to Brazil and denied these situations. “It is something false that has come out of the Argentine press and has been picked up here in Brazil. The truth is that I have no problems with the technical committee, in fact I was captain in the last game, they allowed me to go to Argentina to go to a friend’s last game, so I have to be grateful to them and my teammates too. With the Hulk I have a great relationship, we were recently having lunch at his house and I have no problems, “said the former Gymnastics.

And with his possible return to River he commented: “Since I arrived here in Brazil there has been talk of my possible return, but here I am at ease. Unfortunately this year we didn’t get the results, but there is a very good group and I’m happy. And at the end of the year I’ll see what to do with my contract, but there is still a long way to go ”.

Fernández’s relationship with Atlético Mineiro extends until December 2023. Therefore, if there is a result before that date, they will have to reach an economic agreement between the Belo Horizonte club and River. And if they buy it back from Núñez, Nacho will have no problem coming back, which will happen at some point.

Both the management and Gallardo consider him one of the possible reinforcements for the restructuring of the squad they want to do next year. And in that ideal, Nacho appears as the possible football leader of the team. The River coaching staff let him know. And in the locker room at Pontius’s party there was also a private dialogue with a Muñeco collaborator, who laughed at him: “We will convince you all to come back”. Nacho looked at him and replied, “But you guys stay, right?”

Source: Clarin

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