Carlitos Balá dead: the honorable Chacarita fan who took the field only at the age of 93

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Carlitos Balá dead: the honorable Chacarita fan who took the field only at the age of 93

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Carlitos Balá, awarded at the field of Chacarita. Photo: Julián Aguirre (Chacarita Press).

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This morning he died Carlito Bala, the comic actor who has marked generations of children with his style. In his 97 years of life he had the stage as a passion but also a football team, which has always united him with his beloved Chacarita Juniors, transforming him into his most famous fan.

Certainly, the story of Balá and Chacarita Juniors is curious, a love that united them for almost a century but which only materialized when the life of the beloved Carlitos was going through its autumn.

It is that Balá has always taken care to mark his fanaticism for “the undertaker”, with T-shirts and mentions in programs and films. His image of him even appeared on figures or reports whenever a representative fan of that institution was sought. However, Carlitos recently went to the Chaca camp at the age of 93, on the occasion of a tribute.

Balá has always taken the opportunity to talk about the club of his loves in his television programs. But the calendar of his life already marked him at 90 and he had never been on the pitch at San Martín.

For this reason the Club’s Board of Directors wanted to thank him and, following the idea of ​​the fanatic member Pablo Picarelli, organized a party in his honor on November 28, 2018. Carlitos was already 93 years old.

First a mural was discovered painted by Jorge Pagliano with the red, white and black colors of Chacarita, where the phrase “What does salt taste like?” and the face of the comedian There, in addition, they gave him the honorary card.

“Chacarita is my neighborhood and my club, that is to say, it is my life,” Carlitos said in the tribute. My origins are there, as well as my childhood, my adolescence and my youth. Thanks to those who made this wonderful mural and thanks to the people of the club, “said Carlitos that unforgettable afternoon, with the tenderness and humility of him in tow.

“I’m very excited because they made me remember what Chacarita means to me,” he added. A great.

Carlitos Bala, eternal

Carlos Salim Balaá was born on August 13, 1925 in the Chacarita neighborhood of Buenos Aires.. Mustafa, his Lebanese father, and Juana Boglich, his mother daughter of Croats, preferred another profession for their son. Eventually they supported his artistic calling, but they didn’t want to have anything to do with the name change.

Carlitos Balá started the first laughs on bus line 39, near the house where he grew up, in via Olleros in the Federal Capital. From public transport he moved to radio and theater in the 1950s, to immediately reach television and cinema.

His first TV show was “Balamycin”on channel 9 in 1963. The following year it moved to channel 13 and began a long cycle of family programs with a large audience, such as “El Soldado Balá” and “El flequillo de Balá”, among many others.

But no doubt it was “The show of Carlitos Bala” where it has definitively conquered the hearts of young and old. There, while the little ones left the pacifiers in the “Lollipop Meter”, he made famous phrases that we still use: “Look how I tremble”, “Mom, when do we leave?”, “Faster than a fireman”, “A kilo and two sandwiches “,” What does salt taste like? “.

Carlitos Balá visited Pope Francis in the Vatican in 2016 and was designated “Ambassador of Peace” by the Voice for Peace Network in Rome. In 2009 he was also declared Outstanding Cultural Personality of the City of Buenos Aires and in 2011 he received the Martín Fierro Award in recognition of his career.

Source: Clarin

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