Video: at the Belgrano party the players had to squat down to not lose their heads

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Video: at the Belgrano party the players had to squat down to not lose their heads

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The moment when the Belgrano bus passes under a bridge.

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A crowd received the campus of Monday Belgrano on his return to Córdoba after becoming champion of the tournament of the First National Sunday, with the 3-2 victory over Brown de Adrogué in San Nicolás, thus obtaining the long-awaited return to the first division of Argentine football after almost three and a half years. A 15-kilometer caravan followed the march of the bus in which the players and the coaching staff led by Guillermo Farré made a symbolic Olympic tour around the Circunvalación avenue of the provincial capital.

the party of Pirate it started on Sunday afternoon at the Estadio Único de San Nicolás, where 22,000 fans they were able to see their champion team in a tournament organized by the Argentine Football Association after 36 years (they had won the Regional 1985/86). And he had his reply in the Patio Olmos de Córdoba, where those who had not traveled met. The return to campus was scheduled for Monday, so a big party was organized.

The plan was for the delegation, which was returning via the Rosario-Córdoba highway, to change vehicles at the service station located at access 8 of the city and from there, aboard a convertible bus, visit the Avenida Circunvalación. On that journey he was not only followed by hundreds of cars, but also welcomed by groups of supporters on each of the bridges he crossed.

On one of those bridges, number 3, the one located on Avenida Juan B. Justo, in the north of the capital, there was a moment of brief anxietyas the height of the bus was almost equal to that of the building, so the footballers traveling above had to squat to avoid an accident.

Apart from this, nothing overshadowed the celebration which lasted for more than four hours, as the 40km route started a few minutes before 6pm and ended at 10pm at the Villa Esquiú site. With the promotion assured, the team will have to take the field again on Monday to face Chacarita for the penultimate date of the First National Tournament. No one doubts that the Julio César Villagra stadium will be filled for another chapter of this celebration.

Source: Clarin

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