Home Technology CyberMonday 2022: tips and advice to access the best offers

CyberMonday 2022: tips and advice to access the best offers

CyberMonday 2022: tips and advice to access the best offers

Argentina is the Latin American country with the greatest interest in the events of discounts and internet shopping coming up by the end of the year: this includes the cyber mondayBlack Friday and holidays.

According to official data, 48% of Argentines plan to make a purchase during CyberMonday and at least 70% of them will look for the best discounts.

When it comes to consumption, different types of behavior are generated: 39% of people in the country will benefit from it buy gifts or give yourself and in turn, 61% will try to anticipate the search for discounts and purchase before prices rise. For this reason, time also plays a fundamental role.

These purchases will mostly be scheduled 36 days prior to the event, when shoppers will start searching for products, and 37% will only purchase based on the effectiveness of the discounts.

In this sense, omnichannel continues to gain ground: 77% of shoppers plan to combine online and offline channels.

Cyber ​​Monday 2022: tips and advice for buying

On the campaign’s official website, they point out that to receive the latest news on offers and discounts it will be necessary register by 00:00 on October 31st. The same as in the digital stores of participating companies to speed up the purchase process.

For safety, you need to access the stores participating in the event only through the official CyberMonday website.

Anyone who finds a product of interest you have to buy it at the moment: If you decide to come back later, it’s probably over.

An important thing to keep in mind is the check your card limit in advance. It also analyzes the different payment options, available delivery times and exchange policies.

In case of purchase of clothing and footwear, it will be necessary to take into account: use filters for size, color and style. It pays to use a centimeter to take the correct measurements and make sure the size is correct.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you can give order tracking with the code that the company has provided, the same as the complaint in case of any inconvenience.

Cyber ​​Monday 2022: how to prevent scams

The desperation for discounts and offers manages in many cases to overlook some security measures that are fundamental for purchases to be made in a safe environment. In this sense, the identity theft or phishing It is the most common attack and is based on social engineering techniques, but it also depends on ignorance and human error.

To avoid the intrusion of a cyber criminal, it is necessary to be aware of the communications that arrive via WhatsApp, social networks, mail and telephone, including SMS and calls. If you receive promotional messages that include links or attachments, don’t click or open anything.

One way to avoid falling into the pitfalls is to make sure your site’s branding is spelled correctly; For example, if the brand is “Shopping”, make sure it doesn’t say “Shopin” or “Shopiin”.

Before entering a credit card number or any sensitive information, make sure the URL in your browser’s address bar turns green or starts with HTTPS and not HTTP. This protocol is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and helps protect online transactions by keeping data in transit confidential through encryption.

One thing not to be overlooked is the security key when registering on a site. However cumbersome the operation is, IT security specialists emphasize not to insert “1,2,3,4,5” or “qwert”, two of the most used conformations in the world.

In all cases, you need to use strong passwords and update them regularly or use a password manager. Also, the same password must not be used for multiple accounts.

Finally, the computer from which the user purchases CyberMonday – mobile, tablet or notebook – must have an updated operating system and an antivirus installed. Software updates fix known vulnerabilities, so be sure to install them when prompted.


Source: Clarin


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