Google Chrome Stops Working on Some Computers in 2023 – The Complete List

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Through a post on their support page, Google announced that, starting in early 2023, it will stop providing new updates to the Chrome browser installed on devices that work with some old operating systems windows.

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With the arrival of Windows 11, previous operating systems are starting to move out of the orbit of developers, despite still maintaining a market share.

To accelerate these changes, Google is withdrawing browser support for Windows 7 and 8.1, which still hold a small but stable market share.

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The company’s official statement indicates that, after the release of version 110 of Google Chrome, the tentative date of which is on February 7, 2023support and updates will no longer be provided to users of these Microsoft operating systems.

The Chrome browser, according to statcounter data, is one of the most used in the world today, with a share of 64.55%.followed by Apple’s Safari with 19.04% and with a minimal share, Microsoft’s Edge appears with 4.08%.

Not receiving support means that in addition to losing the pace of updates, security patches and new features. Neither the latest versions can be downloaded. And although you won’t notice the difference at first, they will eventually become obsolete.

With this decision, Google Chrome will stop updating in these two versions of Windows, which is why it remembers the need to be at least in Windows 10 in order to continue using this browser with the best possible security.

The reason for the extension of this service is due to the fact that, although it has been indicated that these operating systems are more than 10 years old, there are still 100 million devices worldwide that work with them without updating to more modern versions of the system, so stopping giving them new browser versions would result in a major security flaw.

Google now reports toll charges for any car trip

In the latest Google Maps update, there is a long-awaited option. Since the map will show the estimated price of the tolls that may be on your route before you start navigating.

The company, which already offered this service in other countries, announced days ago that the long-awaited feature has been enabled in Argentina, as well as Mexico.

With which, currently, both Google Maps and Android Auto and CarPlay already take into account the rates of each of the country’s routes, motorways and expressways and can instantly calculate the total cost of tolls for each possible route.

To provide this type of data, and to keep it up-to-date in a large, high-inflation country like Argentina, Google signs agreements with companies and public bodies that provide it.

From Google they highlight that the prices reported by their apps take into account several factors that can change the amount, such as the day of the week, the time and the payment method used.

Also, if the recommended route to an address crosses a toll road, Google Maps will also try to show an alternative free route.


Source: Clarin

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