IPhone Index: Argentina, the “worst country in the world” to buy the latest Apple mobile phone

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No Argentine user who consumes Apple products is surprised to be told that in their country the i phone It costs almost twice as much as in the United States. What is striking is that it is also the most expensive place in the world for get the latest version.

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These data are the result of a survey conducted by IPhone indexa discount portal that operates in different countries and that every year estimates the cost measured in working days in various parts of the world.

Locally, the iPhone 14, the basic 128GB version, comes at a price 439,999 pesos. And while the price in the US is $ 999, it’s worth remembering that this is a net price that’s only valid for four states with 0% sales tax.

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How many hours of work do you have to invest to buy the iPhone 14 Pro in Argentina

According to the latest INDEC announcement, the average salary in the country is 61,843 gross pesos (51,329.69 net pesos). So the average Argentine has to work 180 days for collection money for the purchase of an iPhone 14 Pro.

As long as you save all the money you have earned these days to make the purchase. Compared to the result of the previous year, the number of days requested increased by 10.6 days.

According to the Picodi.com site, which makes the estimates, these numbers, seen in perspective, serve as a local economy thermometer. Compared to previous years, the time required changes according to the income condition.

  • 2018 – 57.5 days
  • 2019 – 93.3 days
  • 2020 – 146.5 days
  • 2021 – 169.4 days
  • 2022 – 180 days

When comparing with the countries of the region, Brazil it is the second country where the smartphone costs the most in terms of working days. There, it takes 74.2 days to reach one.

After Brazil, still in the region, followed by Guatemala (61.3), in Mexico it takes 47.1 days of work to be able to pay for the device. In Uruguay, 42.4 days to acquire it and in Chile 37 days.

IPhone Index: The cheapest countries to buy the latest Apple mobile phone

The average resident of Switzerland will earn the money needed to purchase the new iPhone faster, in only 4.6 days. The average American will be able to afford that Apple novelty after working 5.7 days and the Australian after 6.1 days.

Among the countries considered in the study, the worst result was obtained by Argentina. The second and third worst results belong to Tajikistan and Turkey, at 179.5 and 146.7 days, respectively.

How the iPhone index is calculated

The iPhone 2022 Index was calculated from the official prices of the iPhone 14 Pro (128GB) published on official websites, Apple Stores and authorized resellers.

In addition, the average salary rates published on the websites of the competent authorities, valid for the day of the premiere of the new iPhone in each of the countries examined, were used.

Net wages were obtained using local wage calculators. The average salary was divided by 21, the average number of working days per month. Finally, in countries where competent authorities use weekly rates, the salary was divided by 5.


Source: Clarin

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