Ekoparty 2022: the hacker and cybersecurity convention once again face to face with the focus on the metaverse

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ekoparty, one of the most important hacking and cybersecurity conferences in Latin America, returns this year for face-to-face events. under the motto “Enter the Metaverse”will take place from 2 to 4 November at the Buenos Aires Convention Center (CEC). The entrance is free.

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With a focus on cybercrime and ransomware attacks, a trend that has increased in recent years, Ekoparty offers expert interviewsjob interviews, computer and cell phone hacking contests, and even a call section EkoKids “So that boys and girls have their first contacts with cybersecurity”.

“After a pandemic in which many people have entered the world of cybersecurity, we move from organizing a ‘recital’ to a real one ‘lollapalooza hacker‘, with more than 10,000 hackers from all over Latin America and the world in one place. Without a doubt, it places the hacking talent of our region on another level, ”he explained Clarione Leonardo Pigñer, CEO of Ekoparty.

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“With 7 auditoriums and simultaneous parallel activities, things will always happen. I would like to highlight some speeches like that of Juan Guerrero, who for the first time will talk about the cybercriminal groups spying on our region; Robert Lipovsky who will describe cyber warfare in detail that Russia is taking forward against Ukraine to shut down power plants, or that of Sebastian Garcia and Veronica Valeros, who will tell us how it is possible to spy on our telephone communications and the privacy risks we are exposed to, ”he adds.

“As we continue with the vulnerability research, there will also be a special axis related to cryptocurrenciesand payment methods and anti-cheat for eSportother issues that require attention in terms of security due to its increasing adoption, “adds the organization.

In total, there will be more than 40 talks between international and local speakers.

“Ekoparty has become the most important technical conference in Latin America, providing a space to access the latest research on cybersecurity and also the place where live activities and new discoveries converge,” says Pigñer.

Ekoparty 2022: exceptional conferences

Some of the talks are contextualized in the situation that generated the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Ukraine’s past and present cyberwar”By Robert Lipovsky, Principal Threat Intelligence Researcher at ESET, will discuss cyber attacks on Ukraine.

“Before and after the war began, numerous Russian Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP) groups chased the country’s electricity grid with Industroyer2, a type of malware specially designed to cause blackout. Then the question of whether these attacks can spread to other countries will be addressed as well how to defend against these threats”, They explain.

Another outstanding lecture is “The Tip of the Iceberg: Cyber ​​Espionage in Latin America”, which will be delivered by Juan Andrés Guerrero Saade, Research Director of SentinelOne. In his speech he will address the lack of incentives for cyber intelligence companies to analyze cyber espionage in Latin America and will detail the functioning of the most important cyber espionage groups in our region, many of which which information has not yet been published”, They anticipate.

Among these issues, there is one that is not given much thought: the safety of ATMs. “Even the qualified technicians don’t have clear ideas how an ATM works and how they are mistreated. This presentation is a guide through its anatomy, describing the most relevant parts, the physical safety aspects and the communication standards ”, explain, in relation to the speech given by Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique and Filipe Balestra, called Demystifying ATM jackpot.

“We will find workshops and hardware developed to exploit vulnerabilities in ATMs. For the first time in Argentina, the Physical security village It will demonstrate how it is possible to open any type of door and even how to hack the elevator in our building. We will have social engineering challenges where participants must find information about their target in the trash in order to perform an attack and much more. Of course, all activities and talks are aimed at raising awareness of cybersecurity, “says Pigñer.

Finally, another very interesting one has to do with Apple AirTag technology. Salvador Mendoza will talk about “how the technology of devices interconnected to the network works Apple Find mine, along with different aspects and scenarios where some people have been involved in difficult situations and some of them have been able to detect and find hidden Apple AirTags ”. And, of course, it will cover the harmful uses of this technology.

In addition, one of the most evocative events of Ekoparty will be held again: Wardriving, “a sort of ‘hacker joy train’, in which participants tour the city in a special transport accompanied by specialists, and detect vulnerabilities in home Wi-Fi networks”, Explain from the organization.

“In this activity the protocols related to the passwords used will be evaluated, therefore demographic mapping of security in the networks of Buenos Aires ”, they close.

As for the “metaverse”, Which is the common thread of this edition, explained the CEO of Ekoparty:“ As with all new technologies, there are levels of maturity that are acquired over time. For example, today we are experiencing a Crypto tech boom for which we still don’t have enough cybersecurity specialists. The Metaverse, while still in its infancy, will eventually arrive, and it is part of Ekoparty’s mission to prepare the next metaverse hackers. “

Free tickets at this link.


Source: Clarin

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