The most sought-after programming languages ​​by Argentine unicorns

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Mercado Libre, Global, Take off, Auth0 and more. Argentine companies considered unicornsthat is, exceeding the billion-dollar valuation, they are highly coveted workplaces.

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There are many doors to join these companies. These technological monsters usually have legal, technical, human resources, maintenance and commercial teams. Although Marcos Galperín’s company is a pioneer when it comes to the technological sector, there are currently 11 companies considered unicorns: Despegar, Globant, Olx, Auth0, Ualá, Vercel, Aleph, Tiendanube, Mural and Bitfarm.

And because of the industries they cover, it’s true that it’s hard to say which is “the” most used programming language, especially since it varies across uses.

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What can be said is that these languages ​​are used in all of these companies, which are key when it comes to knowing where to look for work to train for a career in programming. Also, there are many online courses to learn.

Even the list is not exhaustive: in a market that moves very fast, new languages ​​and knowledge are always put to the test.


python It is the most popular programming language in the world and this is no coincidence: it has been recognized around the world as the most accessible, easy and simple to learn.

It has a very intuitive syntax that helps novices, but also transferable to other languageswhich is a great tool.

It also has the advantage that everything you learn is useful for more complex developments, but with an edge: being the most used in the world, it has not only a present but also a future in terms of usability.

A large part of Argentine technology companies use python.


Ruby is mainly used to build front and back web applications. It is also useful for other programming projects. It is widely used to create servers and process data, perform web scraping and crawling, i.e. automatic collection of information.

The main framework used to run Ruby is Ruby on the railseven if it’s not the only one.

Due to its popularity, it’s a good idea to learn Ruby, as some of the unicorns program in this language.

java and javascript

Java and javascriptor js extensionthey are two different programming languages, although they both come from C. Both are fundamental to web development, which is why they are still widely used.

JavaScript is an interpreted language because it is read and translated directly as the program runs. Java, meanwhile, is a programming language originally designed for embedded applications.

Both are used in technology companies around the world as well Argentines are no exception.


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is an open source generic scripting language. It’s widely used, but it’s especially useful for web development.

Thanks to its capabilities, it can encrypt information, manage files on servers, modify databases and collect form data.

It is true that due to the emergence of new technologies its popularity is declining, but this does not prevent many companies from applying for it Experienced PHP developers.


Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language, designed to interact completely with java. In 2019, Google announced that it was the language of choice for Android app developers.

Since the release of Android Studio 3.0 has become one of the keys to the Internet giant’s mobile operating system.

Aside from Android, it’s a typical boot language. In known cases around the world, Robinhood, Tinder and Trivago have used Kotlin. Unicorns follow these steps.


Two programming classics and in many cases used more than others. Oracle, Amazon, Symantecfor example, are some of the giants that use them.

C++ is used to develop browsers, operating systems and applications as well general engineering. It is object oriented.

It can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux and there are many free online courses.

Source: Clarin

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