Valorant Game Changers: Krü Esports lost in Women’s World Cup debut

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The first edition of Game Changers Championship of the Valorant video game kicked off this Tuesday in Berlin. The most important competitive event in shooter face the best 8 teams until November 20, to be crowned champion of the Women’s World Cup.

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After a year of intense competition at the regional level, the team of KRU Esports landed in Europe to face the best of EMEA (Guild X and G2 Gozen), Brazil (Team Liquid), North America (Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion GC), East Asia (FENNEL Female) and APAC (X10 Sapphire) in the first edition of the Valorant World Cupbut only one of them will lift the coveted trophy.

On the opening day, the first meeting featured KRÜ eSports. the team of Sergio “Kun” Agüero representing Latin America, he failed to overcome Cloud9 White, one of the title contenders.

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Cloud9 White prevailed in Ascent 13-4 breaking esports pick KRÜ. In the second map, Haven, despite the rebound performance of the Argentines, once again the North Americans prevailed 13-5, securing the 2-0 victory and progress to the next stage of the competition.

It was the match we all expectedthe league that everyone expected, so it is difficult to enter with a cold mind and enter with the expectation that we want and that he played against us,” commented Constanza “Conir” Reyes of KRÜ esports.

And he added: “We have to show that we have arrived here because we have done a job throughout the year and we are capable of it. We’ve lost now, but you can”.

The path of the women of KRÜ Esports to Berlin

At the beginning of 2022, Sergio Agüero himself formalized the new Valorant women’s team, which added to the one that obtained the historic 4th place at the Valorant Champions Tour 2021.

With the aim of strengthening the women’s scene in Latin America, the organization led by Kun presented a complete season for both the South and North regions, with 4 Game Changers, 1 Regional Final and the World Championship that started this Thursday as the last competitive stronghold of the year.

The team composed by Catalina Arancibia “KRÜ Baesht”, Constanza Reyes “KRÜ conir”, Consuelo Rivas “KRÜ Consu”, Keila Navas “KRÜ Kalita” and Romina Benitez “KRÜ romi”; Led by coach Rodrigo Vivas “KRÜ fr1x” from the southern region, he managed to collect several titles during the season, but only won the right to participate in the Valorant championship in Berlin in October.

VCT Game Changers 2022 crowned KRÜ Esports as regional champions, after defeating FiRePOWER, 2-1 on the Icebox (13-4) and Fracture (13-5) maps.

Game Changers is the first global event in the VALORANT Game Changers series. Hundreds of teams competed in regional qualifiers for a prestigious World Championship berth and a chance to be named the best of the best.

The eight quintets compete in a best-of-three double-elimination bracket until they reach the grand final, which will be best-of-five on November 20.

Valorant: Berlin Game Changers match date and time

  • Tuesday November 15 at 8:00 (MX) / 09:00 (CO/PE) / 11:00 (CL/AR).
  • Wednesday November 16 at 8:00 (MX) / 09:00 (CO/PE) / 11:00 (CL/AR).
  • Thursday 17 November at 10:00 (MX) / 11:00 (CO/PE) / 13:00 (CL/AR).
  • Friday November 18 at 8:00 (MX) / 09:00 (CO/PE) / 11:00 (CL/AR).
  • Saturday 19 November at 10:00 (MX) / 11:00 (CO/PE) / 13:00 (CL/AR) Semi-finals and final of the lower group.
  • Sunday 20 November at 10:00 (MX) / 11:00 (CO/PE) / 13:00 (CL/AR) – Grand finale.

Source: Clarin

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