As is the WhatsApp payment function that will soon arrive in Argentina

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With the arrival of new features to improve the experience when communicating via chat, Whatsapp In parallel, it goes on with the quest that transcends into a complete system including payments in more and more countries.

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Mark Zuckerberg was tasked with announcing the news of the messaging service this Thursday during the first WhatsApp Business Summit in Brazil. The CEO shared an update on what they’re building for helps people find businesses, send messages and make purchases from WhatsApp.

“People tell us all the time they want an easy way not only to find businessesbut also to contact them via WhatsApp to get help quickly without having to look up a phone number, send an email to a support address or navigate a complicated website,” explained Mark Zuckerberg.

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He added, “While many businesses already promote their WhatsApp number on packaging materials, store signs, and websites, we’re often asked about a better way to help more people learn about this channel.”

We are launching the possibility of find an activity directly on WhatsAppso people can search for businesses by category, such as travel or banking, or by business name.

As the company revealed, rolling out this payment feature will save users from having to look up phone numbers on company websites or type a number into their contacts. To do so, WhatsApp has begun testing in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia and the United Kingdom.

In Brazil, for example, users will also be able to browse by categories of small businesses close to their home and the neighborhood in general.

Once a person finds a business they want to chat with, they can ask questions about products, browse their catalog of goods and services, and add items to a shopping cart to let the business know what they want to buy, all without leaving WhatsApp .

From there, users will be able to make a secure payment directly from the chat with their Credit or debit cardfrom a number of associated banking entities, and does not incur any additional costs when making payments or transactions with this service.

“We recently launched this experience in India and are excited to start testing it now in Brazil with various payment partners. This simple payment experience it will mean a big change for people and companies who want to buy and sell on WhatsApp without having to go to a website, open another application or pay in person,” remarked the CEO of Meta.

While it doesn’t have a confirmed date, Meta doesn’t rule out the possibility that Argentine users could make payments via WhatsApp. “Our goal is extend this experience to more countries in the future,” summed up Mark Zuckerberg.

Digital payments: the first step of WhatsApp in Brazil

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the carrier launched the possibility of being able to make payments via the app in June 2020, also in the Brazilian market.

The service has streamlined digital payments to be “as easy as sending a message,” as the company notes in a post on its official blog. Transactions are protected by a six-digit PIN code or fingerprint reading.

WhatsApp payments are also depending on other platforms during the internal testing phase, with partners in Brazil such as Cielo, Fiserv, Getnet, Mercado Pago and Rede.

Source: Clarin

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