Telegram adds personalized notifications for each chat and “self -destruction”

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Telegram adds personalized notifications for each chat and

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Telegram adds new functions: the details. Photo Telegram

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Telegram is a messaging service not as popular as WhatsApp. However, in terms of functions, it is a chat with more usability and more superiority. And a unique feature of it is its high update frequency.

Last month, for example, added a completely new download manager and made some UI changes, among other things. And this week it’s time for a new update, the list of new features is even longer.

The first is the ability to create your own notification tones, which allow you to make custom alerts your favorite music or even memes that can be assigned to any chat. Telegram’s superior cloud-based architecture also means that ringtones uploaded by one device can be accessed from another.

In addition, the latest update further adds custom silent durations, finally removing the default options of just eight hours or two days. These can be configured via a new simplified menu when which can be accessed via a three-dot menu within any chat.

This way, Telegram version 8.7 allows us to customize notifications with more precision than ever before, creating our own notification tones with their own sounds or silence them in a particular time with more accuracy than ever before.

Automatic deletion Another function added by the new version allows access to the added automatic deletion function recently directly from profileswhich when enabled allows for a more similar Snapchat experience where chats are automatically deleted at set intervals.

In the new update, these intervals also support more customizable timer settings such as one day, two weeks, three months, and more. Another small but noticeable change is that response previews are now included when forwarding messages to other chats.

Perhaps the most underrated change that is likely to take long before it becomes mainstream is a whole new dimension added to Telegram’s bots, which can “completely replace any website,” as Telegram points out in its blog post.

Telegram has many bots with different functions.  Photo Telegram

Telegram has many bots with different functions. Photo Telegram

Here they marked another improvement: their BOT platform, which allows developers to create interfaces using JavaScript.

In fact, it allows you to create all sorts of complex applications with Telegram stickers, without having to submit to browsers.

Another change related to bots is that users can now add bots to groups or channel profiles, then easily configure permissions.

WhatsApp adds communities

WhatsApp communities are coming.

WhatsApp communities are coming.

Last week, WhatsApp on Thursday unveiled a series of news coming soon to the mobile messaging service, many of which have been filtered in recent months by of the WABetainfo site, except with the confirmation of Communities.

“The way we communicate online has long been clearly changing. Most of us use social media and feeds to discover interesting content and stay up to date. But for a deeper level of interaction, messaging has become central to our digital lives, ”he explains.

Due to advances in privacy, security and protection, WhatsApp has recently implemented video chats, voice messages, status, commerce, payments and more. By announcing Communities, as they recognize from Meta, it will allow people to not only interact with friends and close contacts, but also with all the different communities in their lives.

The essence of this new feature, which is currently part of a series of trials in various countries, is focused on linking the different communities that live together in the messaging app – school, work, friends, family or the building’s neighbors – without having to create a specific group for each.

To help protect user privacy, your phone number will be hidden from the Community and only visible to admins and people within the same group. This will help prevent unwanted contacts and also reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the phone numbers of people in a Community.

The advent of WhatsApp Communities will serve to organize all group chats and quickly find information, among other things. For that, the user can group different groups in a Community; for example, in addition to individual groups for different classes, you will be able to have a general Community for parents in a school with a main site for announcements and tools for administrators.

Source: Clarin

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