Coscu Army Awards 2022: shortlist, program and how to see the streamer community awards live

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The streamers Y youtubers Argentina’s most prominent will have their big annual celebration tonight, the Coscu Army Awards 2022. The traditional event will be hosted by Martin “Coscu” Perez DiSalvo Y Geronimo “Momo” Benavidesbut with a luxurious addition: the fifth edition of this gala will take place in the mythical Colon Theater.

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The ceremony, which will begin with the live from 6pm from Coscu’s Twitch channel, he promises honor and recognize streamerscontent creators, musicians and even athletes connected to the Latino community.

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The last edition was in Hotel Hilton Puerto Madero where the transmission reached the 365 thousand spectators. This year Coscu’s goal will be to try, as always, to surpass the figure of 425,000 spectators that he reached in 2020, a records in Latin America.

The one who will apparently say present for the first time at this gala will be Sergio “Kun” Aguerowho had been streaming since before his retirement and is also the owner of electronic sports (eSports) team KRÜ Sports.

Surprise guests are also expected, as often happens at the Coscu Army Awards. The world champion left-back with Argentina who does his job as a streamer, Nicholas Tagliaficohe promised to be at the ceremony.

The Coscu Army Awards started in 2018 at Scuola Da Vinci and the winner was frankkaster; they continued at Obras Sanitarias, first inside the stadium and then in its parking lot due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Grafo and Pimpeano respectively with the first prize; and the last one was at the Hilton hotel in Puerto Madero, which it had Momo as the first winner.

Coscu Army Awards 2022: the finalists, in 25 categories

It is expected that for this Monday’s gala at the Teatro Colón he will deliver the awards 25 categories, as usual, the one that will catch all eyes will be “Streamer of the Year”. Everything would point to it luquitas rodríguezhost of Paren La Mano a Vorterix was all the rage even transcending the Community with its content, it would be the winner of the 2022 edition.

Below are the categories:

  • CSGO streamers
  • Sports streamer
  • IRL streamers
  • Streamer of the Year
  • Clip of the year
  • Trajectory of the streamer
  • Streamer Promise
  • VALORANT Streamer
  • streamerfortnite
  • Sports streamer
  • Couple of the year
  • Streamer Best Production
  • Busy streamer
  • Tilt of the year
  • Bankruptcy of the year
  • Revolutionary streamer
  • Variety of streamers
  • Best recurring event
  • Musician of streamers
  • LoL streamers
  • funniest clip
  • fear of the year
  • Flow in the foreground
  • Streaming music
  • YouTuber of the year


Source: Clarin

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