They ask an artificial intelligence to draw the evolution of humanity: the disturbing result

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Human creativity has reached a new milestone with tools DALL-E 2, Stable diffusion or Midjourneythat allow you to generate unprecedented artistic videos thanks to the power of these artificial intelligences.

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An example of the creative power of this software was achieved by an artist who managed to represent human evolution through a video full of images generated by Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

Fabio Comparelli, a self-described creator of digital content, has several works of art made with these artificial intelligences. However, what is unique about his works is his art of creating videos with multiple images generated by artificial intelligence.

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The last one has as its theme the human evolutionan incredible transformation starting from primates, through multiple species to the present, and ending with a transition to a dystopian future in which machines eliminate all traces of humanity.

The instrument you can try online from the Replicate website, and in the video we can select the maximum number of images, the subsequent descriptions and even change the angle, zoom and different effects of the video.

Deforum can also be run locally which is highly recommended to enjoy it to its fullest potential. From their github page anyone can access the tool. Of course, as happens with the local execution of Stable Diffusion, you need a decent graphics card to avoid problems during image generation.

As it turns out, human doesn’t end well either way, according to an AI’s prediction. Something similar happened with Midjourneywhen the German site Gamestar asked this AI who will rule the world in the next 100 years.

Midjourney is one of the projects that has generated the greatest impact in recent times in terms of image design through artificial intelligence and through a text description. The way this software works is such that they used it to win an art contest without the judges knowing.

In this case, the specific question was who will rule the world in the next 100 years. Midjorney, through that text, generated four surprising images, the first of which, a nuclear explosion.

The next picture was dedicated to a mass of soldiers looking towards the horizonwhich indicates a dictatorial regime that oppresses the world.

Finally, the third image is a little more confusing, even if it could mean the extinction of planet earth by raising the temperature of the Sun, it wiped out all life from the face of the Earth.

Source: Clarin

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