They offer salaries up to $10,000 and have no applicants: what profiles is the software industry looking for?

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The software industry is one of the sectors that generates more employment in Argentina, with 18,541 new jobs created between 2019 and 2021, as reported by the Argentine Chamber of Software Industry (CESS). But this situation exposes a worrying reality: the main companies in the sector I can’t find the right profiles.

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According to the report of Salary guide produced by Argentinabenchmark in global HR consulting, the demand for profiles has changed since the start of the pandemic.

According to CESSI data, historically there is a shortfall of 5,000 vacant posts, figure that can become 15,000 when you also consider the unmet demand for IT positions in other sectors of the economy.

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Currently, there is pinpoint observation talent shortage and high demand for developers front end (front development). These professionals are the programmers in charge of making a website attractive to the user and, at the same time, functioning properly.

Among its responsibilities is that the visual part of the web has an intuitive and attractive design for the user. Work on the client sideinterpreting and adapting web development languages ​​to create the ultimate experience.

Their salaries are good, ranging from around $1,000 for a junior developer up to $10,000 or more for a senior developer, which equals more than 3.5 million pesos a month.

According to Ignacio D’Aloisio, Labor Consultant at the Technology Division of Argentina“The high demand for front-end developers is due to the fact that the world has gone digital. No industry is safe from the disruptive threat brought by new technologies.

He added: “The shortage is actually a lack of skilled engineers and not a general lack of talent. This usually manifests itself in two ways: a lack of required skills and particular positions that are difficult to fill, and a lack of skills in technologies emerging as blockchain, machine learning, IoT and cloud security”.

What it takes to be a front-end developer

This type of profile is characterized by having a degree in computer engineering, programming or systems analysis. However, with more and more resources available on the internet, there are many self-taught front-end developers.

It `s important to note that those who occupy this position are not designersInstead, they gather the design team’s documents and guidelines to translate them into code, and are tasked with turning those ideas into reality. For this reason, good communication between the front end developer and his allies is essential: the UX designer, the back end developer, who will work together with the product manager.

Software industry: job opportunities

Being a constantly growing profession, those occupying front-end positions have high job placement rates because, in addition to being a necessary position due to the growing global digitization, it is a professional profile required in various sectors and types of companies.

In the words of Ignacio D’Aloisio, “a front-end developer can work for industries as disparate as technology itself, healthcare, architecture, hotels, and a host of other industries. You can find work both in a startup as in a SME, in a web agency, in a multinational company or even working as a freelancer; In short, wherever technological solutions are required”.

It should be noted that the wide variety of companies the front end can work in is what causes a wide salary range; although not all developers earn the same, as their salary depends on their specialty, experience and the type of company they work for or their duties.


Source: Clarin

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