Filter details and release date for Reality Pro, Apple’s new mixed reality glasses

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Leaks on Apple products are already in a category of their own within the computer universe due to the variety of rumors that are released weekly by different media. The most recent has to do with the Reality Pro, the most anticipated augmented reality glasses.

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Rumors point to his release for it Autumn (spring in the northern hemisphere), according to Bloomberg’s specialist journalist in his newsletter, Marco Gurman.

Everything seems to indicate that Apple will present its own mixed reality viewer ahead of the annual Global Developers Conference in June.

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Apparently Apple prototype exhibited to a small group of developers to run all kinds of tests and verify that it works optimally.

The operating system of the device, called “Boreal” within the company, it will be publicly called xrOS. The official name that wins integers for this mixed reality viewer is Reality Pro.

The great expectation that generates this news is because Apple is not always the first to introduce new functions and technologies, but when it finally decides, it offers a system incredibly optimized.

A big leak of The Information has revealed the main features of this viewer, is that it will have a specific button to be able to make a transition between the real and virtual world, lenses with a greater field of view, compared to the Zuckerberg’s Meta Quest Pro.

Everything seems to indicate that it will be enough to activate a mechanism to activate the viewer and view the contents in virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), or deactivate it to see the world without intervention.

Also, those who wear glasses will be able to use it customized graduated glasses, as they will mate magnetically. The dream device will have a motor that will automatically adjust the distance between the two pupils, which will allow a field of view to be adjusted for each user.

Another curious novelty is that the battery could be an independent component of the set, as the user would wear it at the waist and be connected to the visor arch via a magnetic cable. The lenses will have an autonomy of two hours on a single charge.

What Apple Reality Pro will look like

As for the design, the Reality Pro should be made of aluminum, glass and carbon fiber, materials that will help bring lightness to the viewer. In turn, they will have a multitude of sensors, but most of them will be hidden to offer better aesthetics.

Apple also allegedly developed two types of earphones. One aimed at consumers, with a material similar to that used by the company in the Apple Watch sports bands and with built-in speakers, and another aimed at developers. The headbands, yes, will not be interchangeable, as previously rumored.

How could it be otherwise, Reality Pro will have an H2 chip to improve the connection with AirPods Pro 2 and future models of the company’s headphones. Apple’s VR headset would also come with two processors.

The main one would have a CPU, a GPU and dedicated memory. The second will be a dedicated image signal processor tasked with improving the quality of the distorted images captured through the external cameras.

As a complement, Apple will produce an XR headset that is better suited to the Reality Pro. The Apple XR should be a big deal not only for the company, but also for the VR and AR industry at large, assuming your previous the gadget will not fail.


Source: Clarin

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