How to build an affordable gamer PC in 2023: prices for less than 180 thousand pesos

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build one gaming computers it can be a real headache. The options for each component can be overwhelming: processor, RAM, memory, video card, motherboard, power supply, and cabinet make up a complex puzzle. And, month after month, the prices go up.

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However, you can always build a computer with good updated components and cheap in relation to the enormous range of possibilities that this world offers.

With an “input” option you can play all of today’s games. Of course, with some compromises: PC video games allow you to change various parameters and play with lower quality or resolution. But keeping the experience of gameplay at an acceptable level.

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When we talk about “acceptable” we mean that it runs smoothly and does not affect the gaming experience. That is, a minimum average of 30 frames per second (FPS) in 1080 resolution: According to Steam statistics, as of December 2022, a 64.40% of gamers still play with this monitor setup.

Therefore, to save money, you can choose a processor (CPU) with Integrated graphics -that is, don’t buy a dedicated video card- e Save a good amount of money.

And, of course, a big plus of building a gaming PC is that it can be upgraded over time – if you decide to forego integrated graphics and buy a video card later, you can.

The following criteria were considered for this configuration:

  • Future updates: some input components can be problematic (like an overly small 120GB SSD). Decisions will be made taking into account future updates.
  • “Input” components, but of quality: generic fonts, for example, are dangerous to the general health of the PC. These options will be avoided.
  • Indicative and current prices until the end of January 2023: A well-known web page for selling PC components will be taken as a reference, which doesn’t mean you can’t get cheaper or more expensive (prices vary greatly depending on each site). It is advisable to compare prices on sites such as Precialo, Donde Promo or MercadoTrack.
  • Only the PC is considered: Operating system, monitor and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.) are not included. This is because many aspiring PC gamers already have one and want to take it up a notch so they can play and be able to reuse these components or used to very good prices.

Processor: $57,350

AMD Ryzen 5 4600G

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the chip that executes the instructions that come from the programs, that is, it executes what the user requests. It is the first component to choose and what conditions much of the rig: more powerful, logically, more expensive.

“The Ryzen 5000 G series incorporates radeon graphics High performance, over 100 FPS in eSports gaming and high-speed content creation without the need to add a discrete graphics card and without sacrificing fluidity”, explains Clarín Pablo Ance, from AMD Argentina. Those FPS depend, of course, on the user settings.

This CPU is, strictly speaking, a APU extension (Accelerated Processing Unit), which includes GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Like everyone, they have different generations. “When we compare them to the highly sought-after Ryzen 3 3200G and Ryzen 5 3400G, we can see a significant difference in various aspects, energy efficiency, gaming performance and productivity performance. This is thanks to the advantages offered by the Zen architecture 3 under the manufacturing process 7nm“, he argues.

For this reason, a good middle ground between the latest release and something older is the Ryzen 5 4600G, which is less expensive than the latest, yet performs very well to play with a big price difference.

It’s true that if what you’re looking for is “future-proof” it might be worth betting on the latest generation. However, both options allow for this update to the future: “When the user needs to improve their gaming experience, wanting to play at more frames per second or with higher resolutions, the Ryzen 5000 G Series processors They are ready to take full advantage of any graphics card”.

In this area, AMD has better options than Intel’s integrated graphics, and it also comes with an integrated (cooler) thermal solution, so you don’t need to buy a separate one for cooling.

Motherboard: $25,750

MSI A520M PRO-VH AM4 motherboard

Although the motherboard is the part of the PC where the rest of the components are inserted, most of those offered by current brands in their input range are more than enough to build a gaming PC.

The most important thing is that it has RAM sockets DDR4 (DDR5 is still very new and makes the final price much more expensive) as well as having a port m2 be able to insert the fastest solid drives that exist today (see next section).

To take into account: the one we have chosen has not Wifiwith which, if you don’t intend to connect to the internet via a network cable (which is the most convenient for playing online), you must evaluate the purchase of an external receiver (there are about 5 thousand pesos).

Deposit: $11,300 pesos

Adata 480GB SU650 520MB/s SSD solid drive.

To “lift” the computer, that is, turn it on, it is better to have a solid state drive (SSD).

Solid State Drives greatly improve the performance of computers, making them between 10 and 15 times faster than traditional disks, i.e. hard disks (HDD, Hard Disk Drive) that work mechanically with a pin that reads a hard disk.

the choice of 480GB it is because those of 120 are very low and, currently, even those of 240 could be insufficient: some games (such as Call of Duty Warzone) already weigh more than 200GB.

Sure, you can add a mechanical disc for more storage, but that can be left for later as with the 480 you can install some games at once, though you’ll have to uninstall it to play when it’s full.

RAM Memory: $38,600

2 Kingston DDR4 memories of 8 GB at 3200 Mhz

“Average memory usage in general is around 10-12GB, which the current standard is 16 gigabytes. The recommendation is to opt for 16 and if there are budget constraints, it’s fine to start with 8 but with the aim already of bringing it to 16 as soon as possible”, explains José Luis Fernández, Technology Manager of Kingston for Latin America.

Undoubtedly, for gaming the current standard is already 16GB and the best configuration is 2 sticks to take advantage of the dual channel, a system that increases the transfer speed of communications between CPU and RAM.

A speed of 3200MHz because the selected mother guarantees that speed.

Source: $23,640

Thermaltake 650W 80 Plus Bronze SMART BX1

The source is one of the components more sensitive than a computer: a bad choice can damage the rest of the components.

For this reason it is essential to buy one certified source: “The fact that the PSU is certified means that it undergoes rigorous consumer testing, which assures users that the product has an energy conversion efficiency of more than 80% when the load is 20%, 50% and 100% % of its nominal capacity”, explains Alejandro Espinoza, Sales Manager for the Southern Cone.

“The 80 Plus certification promotes greater energy efficiency in products to take care of electricity consumption and the environment,” he adds.

It is a bad idea to buy uncertified sources: “The main point to avoid generic sources is their short-term deterioration with intensive use, these products usually do not have the certifications we mentioned above (80 Plus) which guarantee a conversion of energy efficient, consuming even more than necessary and increasing the electrical consumption of internal components higher temperature”warns.

“Many generic sources usually do not have over-voltage and low-voltage protections, which are usually the main problem of burned out computer components. Over time, these components that increase in temperature also lose their useful life, because the worst enemy of electrical components is heat, likewise it can lead to their deterioration and stop working over time,” he says.

In this sense, never it is convenient to buy uncertified sources, no matter how cheap they are.

Yes, OK 650w is well above what a device with an integrated card consumes, the possibility of update with a video card in the future it is better to be loose (the card is the one that consumes the most).

Cabinet: $19,700 pesos

Thermaltake V200 tempered glass

The locker doesn’t make much difference. Although many prefer them with (RGB) lights, this usually makes them more expensive without much sense.

It’s true that the more fans (coolers) you have, the better the overall cooling of your equipment will be. But with one input and one output it is more than enough.

Monitor, keyboard and mouse: don’t spend too much

We decided not to include peripherals since, in most cases, those looking for a gaming PC already have a keyboard, monitor and mouse.

With any input it’s more than good to start. Then, later on, you can gradually switch these components – the bulk of the money has to go to the PC.

Also note that most sites that sell computer components deliver the armed servicewhich can vary from one thousand and two thousand pesos.

The general recommendation is that if a PC was never built, pay that value to avoid putting components at risk.

Approximate total price: $176,340

That way, with these components you can build a gaming PC to play current games at 1080 resolution and low (or medium, in some cases) graphics settings.

Obviously, a PC with these features won’t be able to run Elden Ring or God of War at a stable 60 FPS in high quality – its “entry” range It involves certain sacrifices.

But if what you are looking for is to enter the world of PC gaming to go and play, there is always the possibility of improving the components little by little, over time.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that the PC fits not only the taste, but also in your pocket of the complex Argentine economy.

Source: Clarin

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