How the video game Tinder finds the perfect match

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Contrary to what many might think of dating apps, Tinder is not just a nice carousel of favorite photos to find a partner. One user took it a step further: he created his own video game as a cover letter. As expected, this development caused a stir on social networks.

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Journalist Imogen Mellor, of the PC Gamer site, made this particular video game known through a series of messages on Twitter.

According to Mello, a user -whose identity is unknown- gave him a SuperLike on Tinder (a function used to tell a person that you really liked him) and when he entered to see his profile he could not find the typical photographs , but rather that he developed a video game to get himself known. Y

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“I swear to God,” the journalist said on her Twitter account, “someone just gave me a SuperLike on Tinder and I had made a game about what it was like to date him????? Plus can you really PLAY???” she wrote.

According to the screenshots he shared on Twitter, the Tinder user has replicated his house in the purest style of The Legend of Zelda, the action-adventure game that came out on Nintendo’s first console in 1986.

“It’s a browser game containing information about the creator, his hobbies, passions, food preferences, a short video of foxes playing in their garden, a 3D model of their house and a compatibility test,” Mellor tweeted.

The video game Tinder – the new way to find a partner

Such is the degree of development this user has given to the Tinder video game that it even included a fully functional character creator and, moreover, a compatibility test for its possible candidates.

This innovative way of finding a partner through a dating app is also controversial. A number of accounts that responded to the Twitter thread acknowledge that it seemed strange to them and even considered sharing a 3D model of the house “a security risk”. Others, however, admit that it may be important to have this information when planning a possible exit.

“This person needs to be very specific about the type of woman he’s looking for,” Imogen Mellor wrote. She added, “Actually, the game suggests a lot with a whole list of things they look for in a person.”

A $500 Subscription: What Comes in Tinder

On the other hand, the popular dating app is considering launching a new and expensive subscription that would cost around $500, thus expanding the offer for its more than 75 million users.

The possibility of including such an expensive subscription has so far been mentioned in its new earnings report, so it’s unknown whether it will take place or the benefits that may try to justify its high cost.

Right now, there are three payment plans — Tinder Plus ($7.99), Tinder Gold ($24.99), and Tinder Platinum ($29.99) — and their price varies depending on length of stay: one , six or twelve months.

In addition to these subscriptions, there is a completely free version that only allows I find and talk to users, with limited likes and even ads.

Source: Clarin

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