The restyling of Microsoft Edge: what the Phoenix project is like and what new features it will bring

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the web browser edge Microsoft as it stands now, its days would be numbered, at least in terms of design and many of its features, according to a number of losses that have been shared on the internet.

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While the US software giant plans to withdraw the Windows 10 operating system, precisely to promote the current version 11, at the same time it would be in full development of the phoenix edge project which would completely revamp your web browser.

User WalkingCat (@h0x0d), known online for previewing major Microsoft products ahead of their launch, revealed on Thursday on Twitter the existence of a project called Phoenix, which would consist of a total design overhaul of his browser so that it finally has your identity.

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Apparently, Microsoft’s efforts on the evolution of Edge are focused on making it less like a generic Chromium-based browser and more like a native Windows 11 app.

What is Phoenix: Microsoft’s browser project

Initially, the total revamp of Edge was only included in an internal video showing a “proof of concept”, but there is an all around effort to gather input from Microsoft developers with their ideas and priorities to map out the future. .

Microsoft Edge Phoenix is ​​nothing more than the code name of an internal project to take the Windows browser to the next level in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The aesthetic renewal of the browser, according to the first leaked images, would take the form of floating rounded tabs, similar to buttons.

Above all, an updated interface with rounded tabs and the use of the “Mica” effect (characteristic of Windows 11) throughout the interface stands out. It is an opaque and dynamic material which incorporates desktop wallpaper and theme to paint the background of long-lived windows, such as applications and settings.

It will also have a “split view” mode that will allow users to view two web pages simultaneously in the same tab.

Edge Phoenix will also introduce a feature called “Tab Activity Center” or Activity Center tab which allows users to track how they use tabs and statistics about our browser usage.

Additionally, Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with better integration of Edge with Windows. As part of this strategy, they are considering making Edge the password manager for the entire OS or allowing the user to configure Edge alongside Windows the first time they install the OS.

At this time, Microsoft hasn’t officially expressed whether it will roll out this new Edge experience as a single update or in stages. Some of these features are already present in flags, such as the new tab design.

Source: Clarin

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