The washing machine that unmasked Fede Bal’s infidelity: how smart appliances work

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He media scandal starring Federico Bal has brought an unexpected actor to center stage: a smart washing machine. it was one of them state of the art appliances which apparently exposed the repeated acts of infidelity of his son Carmen Barbieri, triggering his relationship with his (now ex) partner Sofía Aldrey.

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Technological progress and development of companies such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool or Drean They have provided today’s washing machines with multiple functions that have not only improved washing cycles and made sustainability one of their pillars, but have also given them the ability to be remote controlled from anywhere by simply being connected to a WiFi network.

It was a notification (to your mobile phone) of a wash in the early hours of the morning which alerted Aldrey, who from this began to connect the dots: days later the scandal broke.

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Following the telenovela around Federico Bal’s private life, many people discovered this type of washing machine and started asking questions on social networks. how much do they cost AND characteristics define this type of luxury appliances.

Smart washing machines: what they are for and how to use them

Smart washing machines have specific functions to optimize the use of soap.  (Photo: Drean)

Smart washing machines have specific functions to optimize the use of soap. (Photo: Drean)

Most of the models currently on the Argentine market share the same functionality when it comes to connecting it to a mobile device and being able to use it remotely.

Like smart lights, a speaker or a TV, Wi-Fi connectivity is essential for its operationtherefore the house requires an active broadband connection.

To start operating remotely it will be necessary download the app on your smartphone free and official from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone). Then, like any smart device, you’ll need to manage the file device registration.

In most cases the process begins with turning on the device. Once logged into the application, you can request a registration email to create the file user profile– The model must be searched in a pre-built list that includes various products of the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem.

By selecting the one indicated, then, you will have to follow the on-screen advice for its configuration. Each make and model has its own, they are very intuitive and are not complex.

At the end of the process, the washing machine will be added to the smart devices of the house so that the user can do it manage your functions from the application.

The usability of this class of applications, such as SmartThings, which is exclusive to Samsung, reaches improve the performance of your washing machines based on your washing habits and selecting the appropriate cycle and drying. It also has specific features, such as the Laundry Planner, that allow for this manage the completion times of the washing cycles.

Its intuitive interface is easy to use and will even recommend the right cycle for any given moment. It is also able to provide recommendations for optimal washing cycles based on information such as colour, fabric type and soiling level entered by the user, eliminating the need to guess which cycle is best.

Also due to its conformation, it can provide advice on the mobile phone on what the right amount of soap necessary to optimize its use.

Smart washing machines: which models are sold in Argentina

South Korean Samsung offers various models of washing machines with Wi-Fi connectivity.  Photo: Samsung.

South Korean Samsung offers various models of washing machines with Wi-Fi connectivity. Photo: Samsung.

Some time ago it was necessary to know how the washing machine worked in order to use them correctly. Also know the exact amount of soap to be able to wash. Today, thanks to the advances in Artificial Intelligence and its adaptation to washing machines, this appliance is able to save user time and effort in washing clothes to take advantage of it in other activities.

Samsung Argentina’s line of Artificial Intelligence washing machines is available in two versions of 10 kg and 8 kgwith a modern, simple and elegant white design.

The intelligent control panel makes using the washing machine easier, as it is designed to display the most frequently used washing cycle at the top based on each customer’s usage habits. Furthermore, it can be programmed in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

A differential feature of this product is given by the HomeCare Wizard function, which allows solve problems remotely using a mobile phone connected to the Wi-Fi networkin addition to proactively monitoring the status of the washing machine and if something is not working properly, it provides remote assistance in troubleshooting.

LG electronics It has two models of latest generation intelligent washing machines with connectivity to Wi-Fi networks to control their operation remotely, so as to be able to carry out washing cycles from the office or even while at the supermarket. The WGS6 supports up to 13 kilograms (front loading inverter washing machine/white colour) and the front loading washing machine increases the capacity up to 15 kg washing and 8 kg drying.

LG offers front-loading washing machines with artificial intelligence.  (Photo: LG)

LG offers front-loading washing machines with artificial intelligence. (Photo: LG)

On the other hand, washing technology has improved the performance of liquid soap. Some teams manage to turn detergent into bubbles –here is bubbleby Samsung – which penetrate quickly into the fabric, removing dirt easily, even at low temperatures, saving energy and protecting the color and texture of the garments.

Others, for example, have the advantage of washing and drying in a combined process, which is ideal for use in apartments.

This new generation of smart washing machines also stands out for its Digital Inverter or Inverter Direct technology, respectively owned by Samsung and LG, which guarantee long-lasting and eco-sustainable performance.

The first of the South Korean models uses strong magnets for a quieter, more powerful performance, but consuming less energy than a conventional motor. By eliminating the use of brushes, it provides an estimated life of 20 years, according to manufacturer data.

The second, meanwhile, has direct drive inverter motor beltless that reduces energy consumption, allowing savings in consumption and costs. Its estimated validity is 22 years and it has a 10-year guarantee.

Unlike a conventional washing machine, the development and Artificial Intelligence behind these products have disruptive functions that manage to solve emergencies or even take care of health.

Some Samsung models have quick wash in 15 minutes for lightly soiled garments, as long as they weigh less than 2 kg, and use less than 20 grams of powdered soap or a maximum of 20 millimeters if liquid. And after a while, the Eco Drum Clear function (40 cycles) cleans the drum by removing dirt and bacteria from the drum without detergent.

Similarly, LG washing machines have the steam technologywhich on the one hand cleans and sterilizes the garments using steam and saves energy and water and on the other hand this natural method softens the clothes and revives the fibers so that the fabrics are extracted more evenly and smoothly.

The device totally eliminates the mites that adhere to the fabrics, which is why it becomes essential to combat and mitigate the allergic reactions from which a large part of the population usually suffers.

It also has its own quick wash cycle called TurboWash who manage to do it in 39 minutes, but with a load of 3.5 kilograms.

The major brands currently sell this type of washing machine in various channels: Free marketofficial online stores, home appliance stores (Musimundo, Cetrogar or Frávega) and even in Jumbo Supermarkets.

His the price fluctuates between 200 and 425 thousand pesosdepending on its technical characteristics and the washing capacity it has (between 8 and 15 kilos).

Source: Clarin

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