A first generation iPhone is being auctioned off for a record amount – how much they paid for it

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A Original iPhone from 2007 was auctioned off in more than 63 thousand dollars. The reason it reached this figure in the same year the iPhone 15 arrives is because it was stored in a Closed box and with his packaging intact.

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The auction was held at the renowned American auction site LCG Auctions, which to its credit has sold everything from a “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype to a Mario 64 cartridge for more than a million and a half dollars.

But in this case it was not a coveted product for gaming fanatics. The sale of this first generation iPhone it was completed for a grand sum of $63,356.40, equal to almost 24 million Argentine pesos at free exchange. A millionaire figure for a smartphone from 16 years ago; although it is the device created by Steve Jobs that The era of smartphones has begun.

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They auctioned off a 2007 iPhone for over 2 million pesos.

They auctioned off a 2007 iPhone for over 2 million pesos.

As they explained, the iPhone belonged to Karen Green, a tattoo artist who received the iPhone as a gift from her friends, just weeks after its 2007 launch.

Karen explained at the time that she already had three lines of service with Verizon, but the iPhone only worked on AT&T’s network, which is why she decided to save it until the perfect time…and It has been like this for more than 15 years..

Though she thought about taking the iPhone out of its original packaging, Karen decided to leave it unopened and completely sealed. When she learned that a similar model was being auctioned on eBay for $10,000, she decided so. it was time to take advantage of it of your old iPhone kept in perfect condition.

They auctioned off a 2007 iPhone for over 2 million pesos.

They auctioned off a 2007 iPhone for over 2 million pesos.

For their part, sources at LCG Auctions explained that this 2007 iPhone is just that the first in “fair condition” which has come to the auction stage from the historic October sale, when another similar model sold for more than $40,000.

The striking feature of this second auction, which started on February 2 with 2,500 dollars, largely surpassed that of the end of 2022, positioning itself at new price record for a first generation iPhone. The offer ended on February 19 at 9:30 pm, for the aforementioned amount of $63,356.40.

Finally, Karen Green, the original owner, explained that she will use the money won at the auction to start your own tattoo studioas highlighted on the Android4All site.

The secret history of the first iPhone

Steve Jobs at the presentation of the first generation of iPhone.  Photo: AP

Steve Jobs at the presentation of the first generation of iPhone. Photo: AP

From its embryonic and secretive stage under the code name Purple, the first generation iPhone was conceived to be one of Apple’s iconic products.

It was a collaborative effort between Steve Jobs and design guru Jony Ive. It was destined to be a great success, which could only turn into a nightmare for those who had to create it.

Therefore, the secret behind this innovative product has led very few workers to learn about the project, which was developed in a hidden Apple laboratory.

According to Andy Grignon, one of the key engineers in the development of the iPhone, they were given “an impossible delivery date and an impossible mission” and then told that “the whole company depended on them”.

The original iPhone or iPhone 2G was launched on June 29, 2007. At the time, it only had a 3.50-inch 320 x 480 screen, with a 412 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, and a 2 megapixel rear camera.

Source: Clarin

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