Facebook comes back with a key change in application: what will happen to Messenger

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Objective follow the bumps As well as purchases of Whatsapp and Instagram for billions and billions of dollars in the long run and at first glance they were a success, with their emblematic brand not so. It’s been a long time since then Facebook is losing ground. It happens that most of its users do not leave their profile, but use it less and less. especially those under the age of 45.

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Trying to stop the decline, the company of Mark Zuckerberg hit a new swerve. It had been rumored for some time that the Californian company would bring Messenger back to Facebook. The news is that it has now been confirmed.

“We’re testing people who are able to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app and you’ll see this testing expand soon,” Facebook chief Tom Alison wrote on the company’s blog.

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Mark Zuckerberg, the boss, a few months ago.  Photo: Reuters

Mark Zuckerberg, the boss, a few months ago. Photo: Reuters

The announcement of the return to the roots of the Messenger came almost hidden. The blog post doesn’t have Messenger as its central theme, but is titled “Facebook Today and Tomorrow” and chronicles the success and growth of Reels and the company’s efforts for content creators to make money on the platform.

The chat feature is critical to Facebook as community chats have increased members by 50%, according to Tom Alison.

Facebook resists

Having Messenger inside the Facebook app will no doubt be more useful than how it currently works. The app will also become more competent in its own right, no small concern as Meta continues to try to reposition Facebook as attractive to young people and effective competition for TikTok. Of course, as Alison says, “Facebook isn’t dead or dying, but it’s actually alive and thriving with 2 billion daily active users.”

It was in 2014 when Facebook turned off the messaging feature within its app, forcing users to install Messenger instead. The company has now confirmed its plans to bring messaging back to Facebook some nine years later.

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, all under Zuckerberg's orbit: Photo: Reuters

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, all under Zuckerberg’s orbit: Photo: Reuters

Meta didn’t provide details on how many people will be part of the test to bring Messenger back to Facebook.

As next steps, Zuckerberg’s company has announced it will integrate more messaging features into Facebook later this year, though it’s unclear whether it will be a replacement or complement to Messenger.

Source: Clarin

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