Home Technology Snailbrook, Elon Musk’s new dream: what the city he will build will be like for his employees

Snailbrook, Elon Musk’s new dream: what the city he will build will be like for his employees

Snailbrook, Elon Musk’s new dream: what the city he will build will be like for his employees

Much has been speculated about the fate of 1,416 hectares in Texas (United States) that billionaire Elon Musk bought some time ago. It is now known that the purpose of these lands is to found snailbrooka community where your employees can live and work.

the metropolis will have more than 100 homes, swimming pools and shared sports areas, according to the deeds and other cadastral surveys, as well as people familiar with the company. Musk himself referred to this possible project as a “texas utopia”.

In his meetings with landlords and real estate agents, Musk and his company employees have described his vision as a community on the banks of the Colorado River where his employees could live and work.

However, confirmation on the project has been in charge of The Wall Street Journalwhich revealed in a report released last week that the mogul aspires to build his particular utopia for employees of SpaceX and The Boring Company, two of his companies, on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.

At the construction site there is already a group of modular homes, according to Facebook photos and people close to the place. Say the signs hanging on the posts “Welcome, Snailbrook, Texas, Established in 2021” It also emerged that he would tackle the project with celebrities such as Kanye West or her former partner, the singer grimes.

Snailbrook is a reference to Boring’s mascot. When Musk launched the tunneling company, he challenged employees to build boring machines that went “faster than a snail.”

Chap Ambrose, a programmer who lives in the area, talked about the new project. “They want to keep it a secret and do it all before people realize what’s really going on.”

This curious man has also sent drones to fly over the area looking for clues about the facilities of Boring and SpaceX and what they intend to produce in those factories. The photos he posted on YouTube show tunneling which pass under a public road between the Boring and SpaceX parcels.

The data already released indicate that it would cost a house with two or three rooms in the village $800 a month, far from the 2,200 they’d ask for in nearby Bastrop, Texas. Naturally, in the event of dismissal or exit from the companies, the tenant will have to vacate the house. and in one term maximum of 30 days.

Texas, the place chosen by Elon Musk

The conditions of Elon Musk.  Reuters photo

The conditions of Elon Musk. Reuters photo

Under Texas law, a city must have at least 201 residents apply for incorporation into a county, which must then be approved by a local judge. According to the city spokesman, Bastrop County has not yet received any applications from Musk or any of his companies.

On several occasions, Musk has spoken out against California’s “state bureaucracy.” In this way, in 2020 he asked the authorities of the Austin locality that the rules did not “get in the way” of his plans for him.

Furthermore, the US state stands out for offering fewer environmental, labor and social requirements in zoning laws, an ideal combination according to the tycoon’s plans. Furthermore, Austin has no income taxes of companies or on the capital gains of natural persons.

Source: Clarin


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