Instagram stories are changing: what will the new way of seeing them look like?

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The fort of social networks it is change: there must always be a movement to avoid immobility, considered as a step before extinction. Not to lose the power of innovation, Mark Zuckerberg tries to breathe new life into Instagram Stories and bridge the gap with TikTok.

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The truth is that Meta is working a new function so that you lose the fewest Instagram Stories. When people tour your feed, they have to go to the start to see Stories.

The application, according to some leaks, would be testing some of them bubbleswhich refer to the latest news published, which appear when browsing the feed.

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This way, people will be able to do it browse the feedlooking at follower reels and posts e when new content is uploaded to Stories a notification will appear in sleep mode “bubble”.

(Photo: AFP)

(Photo: AFP)

Another feature in progress is one that allows archive stories. According to the developer Alessandro Paluccithe platform is working on the possibility of publishing a story directly in the filewithout needing to share it publicly first.

Currently, it is only possible to archive Instagram Stories if they are first shared on the profile, publicly or via the “Best Friends” section.

You also need to wait 24 hours for them to be stored permanently in the archive. With the new feature, however, the user will be able to avoid publishing the story and keep it directly in the archive.

To access this option, Instagram will show several alternatives. Among these, the one to publish the story directly to the profile or to best friends, as well as the option to directly archive the story in the archive.

Instagram is also studying the possibility of sharing a story only with those users that the person is following at the same time. This option will also be available in the menu that appears before posting a story.

Instagram and Facebook say goodbye to NFTs

On May 9, 2022, in the midst of the NFT fever, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta would adopt non-fungible tokens. In an interview with youtuber Tom Bilyeu, the CEO of the social networking company assured that the so-called “digital collectibles” will reach both Facebook and Instagram.

Digital collectibles started out as a project by Meta for help the creators. The idea was that, through this new tool, they could show and sell NFTs on their profiles.

Not even a year has passed since that announcement, the fury of these tokens has subsided and with it the company’s plans. But it was not Zuckerberg who broke the news, but the commercial head of the conglomerate, Stephane Kasriel.

However, from Meta they have stated that they will focus on the development of other commercial tools, such as Meta Pay, the payment system that is evolving little by little. Additionally, they assured, they will focus on areas whose news and changes will have large-scale impacts, such as Reels monetization and messaging.

Source: Clarin

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