Apple has released a commercial recorded in Buenos Aires: AirPods Pro 2

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Apple has released its latest ad for its popular headphones AirPod Pro 2 with a one-minute commercial recorded in Buenos Aires. The images, taken in the Obelisk area, have the street names modified but allow us to see the Heart of Buenos Aires

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The commercial tries to show how well wireless headphones block external sounds, with better active noise cancellation.

The piece is called “Silence the Noise” and was shared on his YouTube channel, focusing on improving noise cancellation over the original AirPods Pro.

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The feature isn’t new (or has changed a lot), but Apple is highlighting it as a key feature of super popular headphones. And it does so with a commercial which, in addition to being rather creative and referring to the suspension of the outside world when this system is activated, has the particularity of taking place in center of Buenos Aires.

In addition to 2x better Active Noise Cancellation, AirPods Pro 2 come with an improved charging case with lanyard loop, speakerphone, and Find My tracking, plus adaptive transparency, Bluetooth 5.3, H2 chip, and more.

Noise cancellation: how it works

Airpods, an Apple brand that the company didn't invent but perfected.  Shutterstock photos

Airpods, an Apple brand that the company didn’t invent but perfected. Shutterstock photos

Noise Canceling technology is a way to reduce external noise that can interfere with hearing sound through headphones.

Devices with this technology have a built-in microphone that generates sound waves that oppose ambient noise to neutralize it.

There are two types of noise cancellation: passive and active. The passive uses acoustic insulators that block some of the noise, while the active uses electronic circuitry that detects and cancels the noise.

This system has its origins in the 1980s, when the military began developing systems to protect pilots of aircraft and tanks from noise, but they were developed with advanced technology in 2000, with the Bose QuietComfort. Since then, many other brands have developed their own headphone models with this technology.

The first AirPods were introduced in 2016 and released in December of the same year. They were wireless style headphones in the ear the one connected via Bluetooth.

They had support for siriApple’s digital assistant and a physical user interface that let you control playback with touches, and also included a W1 chip that made it easy to connect with other Apple devices.

Source: Clarin

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