Samsung presented its new Neo QLED 8K television made in Argentina: it costs almost 2 million pesos

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The Argentine television market has new players in the big screen segment. the South Korean giant SAMSUNG Wednesday introduced a number of models for its main segments: premium, lifestyle and games. Among these, the first was ranked at the top of his catalogue Neo QLED 8K 65 and 85 inches made Land of fire.

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In addition, other products from the Samsung ecosystem were presented, such as the monitor the family for gamers: the Odyssey Ark 55-inch curved screen with 4K UHD resolution, G9 and the all-new G8; the SmartMonitor M8 for designers; the Q930B soundbar that offers a 100% cinematic audio experience and the T40B and T50B portable audio towers.


Samsung's new 8K TVs.

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Samsung’s new 8K TVs.

Samsung’s most recent launch in Argentina was presented in 2 models of 65″ and its Stella 85” with sustainable remote controlas it is powered by sunlight and radio frequency via Wi-Fi.

Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TVs go beyond just a sharp picture by incorporating a high-resolution panel with Quantum Mini LED technology from LEDs 40 times smaller than those found in conventional televisions, providing more detail to the images, with more accurate black tones and strong contrastbringing much more realism to the content you see.

In addition, this 8K resolution model, produced by the domestic company Mirgor, has 33 million pixels, four times more than 4K modelsrevealing much more detail of the scene.

Thanks to its 8K Neo Quantum processor, these screens offer the best picture even when the content was not produced in 8K. This is because they incorporate technology Expansionwhich allows you to experience a premium viewing by elevating any content to enhance every visual detail and bring it to the highest resolution.

As far as audio is concerned, this premium model is powered by various speakers distributed throughout the screen and technology Object tracking sound, which causes the movement of sound to follow the movement of objects and voices in each scene. In addition, it has Dolby Atmos, the technology that guarantees an immersive multidimensional sound with a greater expansion of sound waves, like in the cinema.

The Frame: the screen that camouflages itself as a work of art

The new The Frame televisions that in sleep mode pretend to be a work of art.

The new The Frame televisions that in sleep mode pretend to be a work of art.

The South Korean giant presented for the first time in Argentina its latest screen that simulates a work of art, The Frame, in 55″ and 65″ inches.

Precisely, the new model that caught everyone’s attention at the Consumer Electronic Expo (CES) held last January in Las Vegas, offers more realistic art with a new matte screen experience.

What distinguishes itself from this class of screens is its ability to diffuse light in various angles and directions thanks to a surface with relief prevent image quality degradation thanks to daylight or reflective artificial lighting at night, providing the most immersive art viewing experience, with lifelike colors and textures, outside of a museum.

When The Frame is off, artistic mode is turned on. Even when it’s turned off, you can enjoy your artwork and photos on your TV. This allows any room can become an art galleryas the user has the ability to select and view their favorite digital paintings or photos by downloading them from the digital store of Samsung.

As for the technique, it incorporates the Quantum 4K processor, for better performance; Quantum DOT technology that guarantees 100% color volume; Superior sound with Dolby Atmos audio technology that delivers an immersive audio experience, plus light and motion sensors that contribute to efficient power consumption.

The Frame is a product that stands out for its aesthetic and minimalist design. It has a single visible thread OneConnect and thanks to the support integrated in the box Wall amount without gap That Eliminate the gap between the wall and the TVThe Frame achieves a sophisticated and adaptable look to any space.

Samsung Neo QLED: price and availability in Argentina

new models NEO QLED 8k 65 and 85 inches purchasable from 20 March to 3 April inclusive, in 12 installments without interest and with a price of 999,999 and 1,999,999 pesosrespectively.

Whoever buys it will access to Electronic voucher card that can be redeemed for various products in the Samsung ecosystem.

For example, the 85-inch Neo QLED 8K comes with a $460,000 digital eVoucher. This can be redeemed for free for a Q930 soundbar or a Galaxy S23 Ultra. If you lean towards a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet, you’ll need to add 60,000 pesos.

Instead, the virtual coupon for the smallest model totals $365,000. The change for the soundbar is maintained, but as regards the mobile phone, the Galaxy S23 model (256GB of storage) replaces the Ultra version. While for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet the amount to be allocated amounts to 155,000 pesos.

There is also the possibility of returning an old television for a fee thanks to the Exchange Plan. Discounts can increase up to 54 percent depending on model status, according to Samsung sources.

Source: Clarin

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