Mobile phones, computers and TVs in 24 interest-free installments: what can be done in the new Banco Provincia portal

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He Bank province launched the “Provincia Compras” digital sales portal, where products can be purchased technology AND electroamong others, with a promotion special until 24 installments without interest until the April 16th.

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The financial institution’s new e-commerce platform has eight major product categories and within each one are subtitles.

The first tab contains the list of “technological” products, where you can access the articles about “audio and video”televisions, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and computers.

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As for mobile phones, the platform offers at launch around 70 “unlocked” phones in a price range ranging from 7,800 until the 539,000 pesos (Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4).

Galaxy ZFold 4 in the Banco Provincia promo.

Galaxy ZFold 4 in the Banco Provincia promo.

When you dive into the category of televisionsthere are more than 120 options in 4K, FullHD and HD. Prices? Since the 40 thousand almost 2 million pesos.

meanwhile a computer there are more than 70 products available between notebooks and desktop PCs. the cheapest is 76 thousand and the most expensive, almost 500 thousand. All, of course, up to 24 interest-free installments.

The most expensive smart TV on the platform.

The most expensive smart TV on the platform.

Another section is the “electric house”where there are different items of household appliances, such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, hot water tanks and air conditioners, among others.

There are also options outside the category technology: fashion, toys, home and decoration, sports, footwear and health and beauty.

Province Shopping: how to buy

A point to keep in mind is that the purchase of products can be made only by customers that they own credit or debit cards issued by the Provincial Bank.

To operate within the site, people must create a user account and personal secret passwordconfidential and non-transferable and those who are not yet holders of credit cards issued by the institution they can request them from the same portal.

“Provincia Compras is part of Banco Provincia’s digital ecosystem expansion strategy,” he said Juan Cuattromoofficial body owner.

He explained that “in 2020 we started a modernization process that was enriched during the pandemic with the launch of various digital products such as the eChecksthe online loan for SMEs and the Cuenta DNI digital wallet”.

Cuattromo, in a note, also indicated that “2023 is a year of innovation for us, starting with the relaunch of our BIP Internet Banking Province and the creation of this Provincia Compras portal, which puts Banco Provincia customers in touch with companies on the market“.

And he specified that “the objective of this new platform is to expand our services and accompany the commercial development of the Province to promote the economic recovery through consumption“.

In this sense, he remarked that “from our role as a public bank, we try to put people in contact with companies in a secure digital realmwith mutually beneficial financing options.”

Provincia Compras has three customer support channels: the site’s chatbot; the telephone line 0810-222-7322, active from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00; email [email protected].

Source: Clarin

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