The easiest way to know if an unknown call is spam

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It is increasingly common to receive calls from unknown numbers with high probability of spam. In these circumstances, one can take the risk and ask “Who is it?”; resort to one of the Android caller IDs or hang up directly.

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Typically these calls come from phone companies looking to switch plans, even from banks, insurers, consultants, and even stores they’ve never had contact with.

Sometimes it is real harassment, with weekly calls at all hours and even if one makes it clear that they are not interested, that they don’t want anything and asks them to stop disturbing, after a few days the unknown sender returns.

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On Android, the solution is a identification system of calls, while Apple is much more drastic and the alternative is to block unknown senders.

How to block calls from android.

How to block calls from android.

The Android Call Blocker, found within the phone menu, allows you to identify the spam calls, without sharing contacts or personal data. It is a very effective method, but impractical to perform.

This way calls with numbers that have a high probability of being spam will be filtered and hung up or alerted with a message that you can let it be spam.

On iOS, unknown numbers can be turned off, so they can make the call, but it won’t ring. To do this, you will have to enter the iPhone settings and click on the Phone section.

Within the phone settings, click on the Mute strangers option that appears just below. It is also useful to turn on the Show Caller ID switch.

Applications to detect spam calls

Hiya is one of the most popular apps.

Hiya is one of the most popular apps.

There are third-party applications that can help you better identify who is calling you and block advertising numbers. These apps work like a social network where alerts are shared among the community of users.

Its goal is to be installed in as many phones as possible to collect call data and directories, to create a database to identify fraudulent business numbers and differentiate them from others.

Therefore, at the end of any unscheduled call, a label is displayed report if it was an unsolicited communication and add the name of the company to which it corresponds.

As complaints about the same number are repeated, the app starts revealing the identity of the promoter on the screen. In these confirmed cases, you can also program the software to shut down directly without ringing the device.

These apps are not recommended for preserving privacy and hiding contacts. However, they are useful, although they also require purchase.

The most popular for iOS and Android is TrueCaller and also Hiya. There are others like Call Blocker or Smart Notify that can be used on both devices.

The excuse for browsing the address book is that you need to recognize when more people classify a number as spam to treat it as spam.

But not only does the user’s information travel on the company’s servers, but also the available contacts become part of this telephone directory which already has billions in turnover.

Source: Clarin

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