WWDC 2023: Apple set a date for iOS 17 unveiling amid rumors of its next big product

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Manzana He has set a date for his first major conference of the year. This Thursday she officially announced hers World Developer Conference (WWDC)which will take place from June 5-9and promises to reveal news about it Software AND mobile apps for your product ecosystem.

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The event will be free and can be followed through Apple’s official channels, but, in addition, developers and students will be able to “celebrate in first person in a special experience in Apple Park (in California, USA) on opening day”.

The WWDC developer conference meets annually in San José thousands of programmers from all over the world, who during the days of the meeting share experiences, make new contacts and learn first-hand the news of the company that created iPhone phones.

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“WWDC is one of our favorite times of the year at Apple because it’s an opportunity to connect with the talented developers from around the world who make this community so great,” he said. Susan PrescottApple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations.

Craig Federighi, Apple's vice president of software and engineering, will be one of the speakers at WWDC.  (Photo: EFE)

Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software and engineering, will be one of the speakers at WWDC. (Photo: EFE)

On the other hand, the developer conference will focus on the latest advances for the operating systems of its most recognized and admired products among its fans, such as iOS (iphone), iPadOS (iPad), MacOS (Macbooks), watch OS (Apple Watch) e tvOS (Apple TV).

“WWDC23 will highlight the latest advancements in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS,” the company acknowledged in an official statement. However, the appointment would also surprises.

Apple Reality Pro: the big news of WWDC 2023?

Apple Reality Pro according to a concept that circulates on the networks.  (illustrative photo)

Apple Reality Pro according to a concept that circulates on the networks. (illustrative photo)

According to various sources, this conference could feature the much-hyped Apple Reality Pro helmet, the first of its products that would mark the entry into the world of virtual reality.

This revolutionary product for the manzanita will use a new operating system whose name, it seems, will be xrOS. Because Apple wants developers to start building apps and experiences as soon as possible, WWDC 2023 will be the first chance for the community to learn about this software.

As for the hardware, the Apple Reality Pro would follow in the footsteps of the missing Microsoft HoloLens by doing without any external command to interact with the interface. The user then you would use your hands to control the device.

It is said that it would integrate external cameras and sensors identify the gestures To give a touch, for example, it would be enough to join the thumb with the forefinger.

But the big news of Apple Reality Pro, with which the company would like to surprise during WWDC 2023, would be the function to make the leap from virtual reality to augmented reality, or vice versa. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman noted that this helmet will have a very similar digital crown to that of the Apple watch. By turning it, the user can smoothly switch from one reality to another.

Moreover, Apple members are wary of the future success of mixed reality headsets. Reports point to a number of variables in the equipment that would hamper good reception among users.

The New York Times reports that some Apple employees are concerned about the high price of the devicewhich according to rumors it would be around $3,000. That figure multiplies by 3 the number of bills that need to be paid for a next-generation iPhone.

There is also mistrust professional utility of real reality. Preliminary reports point out that company members are skeptical of the beneficial uses of this product. Some engineers, in fact, have decided to abandon the project after having questioned its potential.

“Some within Apple are questioning whether Reality Pro has a clear reason to exist. For example, the iPod was designed for users who wanted to listen to their music on the go. The iPhone combined the capabilities of an iPod with a smartphone and portable device with an Internet connection,” says the Phone Arena site in its review, shedding light on the alleged loss as to what uses this novelty will have in the real world.

Source: Clarin

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